7 Graphic Resources for Creating Images for Your Online Promotions

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More and more brands are using graphics as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition. Employing original images in campaigns helps brands to be remembered by users. Brands also know that attractive images are more appealing and more likely to encourage interaction from users. In recent years, social networks like Facebook and Instagram have evolved towards a perfect combination of design, image and technology, especially when creating online contests and sweepstakes.

Whether you’re looking for graphic tools to create an online promotion of a brand’s flagship product, or you simply wish to create a promotion to dynamize your company’s social networks, make sure you read the following list. Each of these websites offers loads of extremely useful graphic resources (photos, videos, vectors…) to help you make an impact on your audience.

Design: one of the keys to a successful campaign

Capturing new clients via social media promotions and attracting the public’s attention through online marketing campaigns are two essential objectives that are readily achievable with the right kind of graphic design. Using an appealing combination of colors and images in a well-planned online promotion can generate excellent viralization of your content, guaranteeing good results and helping you to obtain new leads, boost traffic to your webpage, increase conversion rates, decrease the advertising budget, and so on.

Every business, big and small, seeks to gain a foothold in markets with plenty of opportunities. And that’s why, day after day, more websites are created offering a wide range of tools to streamline the task of graphic designers and provide them with resources such as vector files, image banks, users tutorials and so on. Generally, these types of resources must be paid for, although there are some high-quality resources that are free of charge.

How useful are image banks?

Image banks will help you give your work a professional finish. The photos have been taken by professionals and are therefore of a high quality. This is useful when you don’t have photographs of your own, or when you don’t want to use the ones brought up by a Google image search for example.

How useful are vectors?

Vector files are constructed from vectors; in other words, from mathematical expressions made up of points, lines and shapes. This means that users can change the size of the files and their attributes as often as they wish (the files are 100% scalable and editable), without worrying about resolution.

This factor is very important when you start working with your promotion’s graphic content because, unlike bitmap images, vectors will adapt to your design without losing quality.

Below is a list of seven websites where you can find hundreds of vectors, typographies and copyright-free image banks which will help you achieve a good online promotion. It’s worth bearing in mind that these resources will be useful both for graphic designers and for those involved in the world of online marketing. As we’ve said already, design is a key element in promotional campaigns.

1. FDR. (Free Design Resources)

A website with high-quality resources including fonts, icons, PSD graphics, backgrounds, mock-ups, textures and lots of other free resources in both Photoshop and vector formats.


2. Freepik

Freepik is one of the fastest growing graphic resource search engines. In fact, it is now a market leader. On their website, you’ll find hundreds of new free and Premium vectors. You can also download PSD files, icons and stock photos.


3. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a community which offers you the chance to explore the work of artists as well as finding free, ready-to-use vectors for your campaigns and contests. You can organize your searches by category (backgrounds, icons, themes) or by newest.


4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a paying portal which provides thousands of copyright-free artworks, including illustrations, vectors, photos, videos and music.


5. iStock

iStock, property of GettyImages, is one of the most important image banks around. It is also one of the most popular. In addition to copyright-free photos, you can find high-quality videos, audio and illustrations. All the content is “paid”.


6. Pixabay

A free platform offering high-quality, copyright-free images. In addition to photos, you’ll find videos, vectors and illustrations.


7. Pexels

An excellent free image bank offering a wide variety of new photos every day. All images are free to use for both personal and commercial use.


At Easypromos we take campaign design very seriously, especially in campaigns carried out using our platform. That’s why we’d like to share our straightforward design guide to facilitate the configuration of online promotions with our platform. We hope you find it useful.

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