How to Pick A Winner of a Facebook Sweepstakes

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So, you’ve created a sweepstakes in Facebook and you have lots of participants, but you don’t know how to pick a winner randomly and transparently. Sound familiar? There are a number of tasks to be carried out when creating an online promotion, and one of the most important of these is selecting the winner. Below, we explain what you need to consider when selecting a winner for your Facebook sweepstakes.

Although you may not have specified it in the terms and conditions, it is generally understood that sweepstakes are conducted randomly and that winners are chosen from among the participants at random. Use the Easypromos application to pick a winner of your Facebook sweepstakes and reward your followers with the promised prize. What advantages does this tool provide to promotion organizers? Does it also provide advantages to participants? Below we outline the advantages of using the Easypromos tool for randomly selecting winners.


1. Random sweepstakes

Selecting a winner for your Facebook sweepstakes can be a complicated and non-transparent task if it is not carried out properly. As a company you know that your promotion participants trust in the transparency of your brand. However, it doesn’t hurt to verify your adherence to good practices with an official certificate. Carrying out the sweepstakes with an external, reliable tool for randomly selecting winners will bolster your prestige and increase confidence in your brand and products, directly and positively impacting on sales. The Easypromos mechanism enables you to obtain winners at random by way of a procedure described in clause 13 of the EASYPROMOS terms and conditions. In addition, the result of the sweepstakes is automatically published to a public list, so it can be consulted by participants.


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2. Filters to determine the finalists

You can use several filters to adapt your winner selection to the sweepstakes type and to your terms and conditions. These include filters to eliminate participants who don’t participate correctly, filters to select only those who use a specific hashtag, and so on. You also have the option of including participants who have cheated on your blacklist, excluding participants who have already won a prize, and so on.


3. Obtain a Certificate of Validity

Upon running the sweepstakes, a Certificate of Validity is generated, giving the sweepstakes transparency in the eyes of participants and online followers of your brand. This certificate guarantees that the winners of the Facebook sweepstakes have been chosen randomly via the Easypromos platform and in accordance with the conditions specified in the contest’s terms and conditions. Also indicated is the date and time the sweepstakes was run, and the alternate and winners list obtained. The certificate has a public URL that the administrator can use as proof of the sweepstakes’ validity.



4. Obtain alternates

When using the tool for randomly selecting winners for your Facebook sweepstakes, the application will also ask you to how many alternates you want the system to pick at random. These are the participants held “in reserve”, and they can be used to directly substitute any winners who refuse a prize, cannot be located or are disqualified. This will speed up the management of prizes and it will avoid a great many difficulties during the process.


5. Easy publication and dissemination of the winners

When the winners are selected, a special URL is generated displaying the winners with their name and avatar. You can customize this webpage with your own text and image to adapt it to the style of your campaign or brand. The Page also includes a direct link to the Certificate of Validity. By sharing the URL of the Winners Page it’s very simple to disseminate and share the result of your Facebook sweepstakes on social media, by email and via your website.


6. Managing winners

The automated process of picking winners saves you time and money. You’ll reduce costs in the management of finalists, the allocation of additional participations, the publication of winners, and so on. Among its many features the Facebook Sweepstakes tool enables you to notify winners who participate by leaving a comment. You’ll be able to activate the ‘Claim your prize’ tool to get automatic confirmation, and if they don’t claim the prize within an established period you can simply replace the prizewinner with the first alternate.

Whether you’ve already used our application to publish the sweepstakes or posted it straight to your Facebook Page, you can use our tool to randomly pick the winner before finalizing your promotion by informing all participants of the winner/s. Our tool makes it simple: all you have to do is indicate the number of winners and alternates you want and the system will pick them instantly and automatically. It really couldn’t be easier!

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Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team