How to Shoot up your Traffic with a Social Media Contest

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Perhaps your social media profiles are lacking followers. You might want to engage your followers more. Maybe you want to gain new followers. If so, here are some tips to boost your network with a social media contest.

The Big Prize

If you decide to run a social media contest, the prize you’re going to give away is extremely important. By selecting an appropriate prize for your audience, you will encourage traffic and participation. Bear in mind the prize should be useful. It could be a discount for your store, a product from your brand, or something very popular these days. Alongside this, make sure the entry criteria is clear and the social media contest has a deadline. This will allow sufficient time for traffic to flow to your site.

Creating the social media contest

Why use an app like Easypromos? Firstly, it eases the process. Secondly, you can control the social media contest without any of the hard work. You can decide requirements, duration and how to select the winners. This is key if you are in the dark about running a social media contest. Even if you do have experience, it always pays off to let an app do the legwork for you. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a winner. An app is unbiased and reliable, ensuring the results are fair and square.

Promote. Once you have your social media contest set up, promote it all over your pages. If it’s a YouTube contest, make sure it is advertised on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more you can promote your contest, the more likely people are to enter. If a follower is not on Facebook, maybe he has a profile on another social media network. That way, you reach everyone at the same time. This will also promote your social media contest to a wider group, boosting traffic at the same time.

Establish the guidelines. The instructions for participation must be clear and only a few steps. The more complicated it is to enter, the less people will do it. Encourage participants to share the contest, and you can also include recruitment in the contest to make it a referral contest where participants gain extra entries per recruit. This will promote your contest to a much broader range of potential followers.

Selecting the winner

If more traffic is your main objective, consider enabling voting as a way to determine the finalists. Participants can share their own entries on their social media profiles directly from the contest to encourage their friends and family to vote for them. This can be easily managed with the Easypromos app and it will increase the opportunities of more traffic coming to your site. Using an app will ensure fairness and once you get a reputation for hosting amazing social media contests, people will  come back for more!

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Publication date: 2018-04-13