A Simple Trick For Obtaining The Data Of Winners Of An Instagram Sweepstakes

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So, your sweepstakes is over and you have your winners and alternates. All you have to do now is ask them for the information you need to send them a prize. How can you do this? Instagram makes it very easy for you to launch sweepstakes with high levels of engagement, but the platform does have its limitations, particularly in terms of communicating with your community and obtaining information from winners. Do you want to show how professional your brand is in all aspects of the sweepstakes? Do you want to save yourself work? Then read on for some tips, tricks and tools!

As we explain in the video below, sweepstakes often have several winners. When you only have a single prizewinner to contact and request data from, the process is quick, easy and satisfying. But when you have several winners in your Instagram sweepstakes, it’s a good idea to have an efficient system for claiming and storing the information you need to award the prize. Here’s the solution: the “claim your prize” module in the Instagram Sweepstakes tool.


Issues when obtaining winners’ data

Perhaps you’ve already found yourself in this situation: you’ve carried out a successful Instagram sweepstakes with 10, 20 or 50 prizes and now you have lots of prizewinners. This dynamic is good because users know they have a better chance of winning and are more likely to take part. And, of course, you also get more satisfied winners. But then you have to contact all the prizewinners to get their addresses, telephone numbers, ID numbers, t-shirt sizes and so on. If you have to do this manually, checking you have all the data for each person, you’re going to take a long time. And how can you contact them? How can they contact you? If they have to send you an email, you’ll need to provide an address they can use. You’ll also have to make it clear that it’s down to the prizewinners to contact you with all the information. If you contact prizewinners via private messaging you’ll be crossing your fingers for them to answer and provide all the right data. You’ll then have to download it all to an Excel file to organize the rewarding of prizes. Another problem is that when you ask for all this information via email or private message, you’ll be obtaining personal data from people who have not accepted the organizing brand’s privacy policy. How can you make sure that participants accept this data transfer?

“In sweepstakes with multiple winners, collecting contact details for sending all the prizes can become an issue.”

The “Claim Your Prize” tool enables you to configure and display a special form where winners can confirm their identity, fill in their details and accept the privacy policy. Upon identifying themselves with their Instagram account, the app confirms whether they really have won a prize. If so, they are presented with the registration form which they fill in with the data the brand requires in order to award the prize. The winner then gains access to the Winners Page where he or she can click the “Claim Your Prize” button. If any non-winning participants attempt to claim a prize, they will be asked to verify their Instagram account and shown a message explaining that they haven’t won a prize.


Form for obtaining the data of winners of an Instagram sweepstakes

This form enables you to add all the open fields, dropdown lists and checkboxes you need, including external links for leading users to the brand’s privacy policy for example. It is also possible to indicate which fields are obligatory for registering and which are optional. The “Claim Your Prize” template also permits you to modify the texts and header images, so you can customize the tool to adapt it to your brand.

Another advantage to this module is that, as organizer, you’ll have all this information ordered and you’ll be able to download it easily to a CSV/Excel file. You’ll also be able to receive a notification each time a prizewinner reclaims the prize and provides the necessary information. In summary, this tool makes post-sweepstakes administration far easier. All the organizer will have to do is announce the results and prepare to deliver the prizes.


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Publication date: 2018-06-20