How to Run an Instant Summer Giveaway on Instagram

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Discover tips and free templates to organize a summer giveaway on Instagram. Get set up in minutes – and reach more followers during Instagram’s peak engagement season.

During summer the use of social media normally doubles, and Instagram is especially popular. You can now imagine the number of people who will be actively using Instagram this summer with some restrictions still in place.

In the summer months, users share more content and interact more, but they also consume more content – including from your brand. 65% of the top posts on Instagram are product-related, and brands now see three times more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook. So with those four facts in mind, a summer giveaway on Instagram seems like a safe bet. And the best part? You can set up a giveaway in minutes, then reap the rewards all summer. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Write an eye-catching Instagram Summer giveaway post

The giveaway post is the backbone of your summer giveaway on Instagram. This is where people will comment and tag their friends in order to join your summer contest. Remember, your post must stand out. Here are some points to have in mind:

1. Share an attractive picture showcasing the prize or prizes that are up for grabs. People want to see what they have a chance to win. Images in posts are seen in 600 x 600 px, but we recommend you upload it in 1080 x 1080 px.

instagram summer giveaway

Trying to save time? We’re here to help! Click here for free templates to create a summer giveaway on Instagram with posts and Stories.

2. Promote your Instagram Summer Giveaway on Stories and other social media networks

To get more participants and comments, and therefore engagement it is important to promote your summer giveaway. Try creating a Story that links back to your giveaway post. Just don’t overload your viewers with too much text. Remember, they only have 15 seconds to get the message! Images or videos for Instagram Stories should be 750 x 1334 px.

Screenshots of a Story and post about a summer giveaway on Instagram. Both posts show the same simple image of a sandy beach with blue water on the horizon. There are two cream-colored starfish lying on the beach. A large black label reads "GIVEAWAY".

Apart from sharing your Instagram Summer Giveaway on Insta Stories you should also invite your followers from other social media networks to join the Instagram giveaway. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your Instagram audience by driving your followers from Facebook and Twitter to your Instagram profile. You can just simply share a short post encouraging people to head to your Instagram profile. Share the link of the promotional post the make it easier for them to participate!

instagram summer giveaway

The above examples show how brands promote their Instagram Giveaways on other social media networks, in this case on Twitter. Do the same to attract more participants.

Do you want to promote your giveaway with multiple Instagram posts? Or maybe you want to run one giveaway on different social media networks? Check out our Multi-Network Giveaway!

If you send a weekly newsletter you can always loop in your subsribers, too! The more people participate in your Instagram Summer Giveaway, the more engagement, brand awareness and social media presence you will have!

3. Set up Terms and Conditions for your Instagram Summer Giveaway

It’s important that your followers know how to take part in the giveaway, how you’ll choose a winner, and how they can contact you in case of any problems. That’s what terms and conditions are for.

We know that legal documents can be time-consuming or confusing, so to help you out, we’ve got a template for those too! Just make sure you edit the text to include your own details and giveaway rules. Then just share the link – we’ll take care of the rest.

You’re ready to launch your own Instagram Summer Giveaway!

Now you can sit back, enjoy the beach, and watch the comments roll in. And if you have some questions don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2018-07-18