It’s Time to Add Singles’ Day to Your Marketing Calendar

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Did you know about Singles Day? The natural counterpart to St Valentine’s Day, this holiday is increasingly popular in China, the US and the UK. And consumers spend more on Singles Day than Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Join the celebration with these promotion ideas, designed for single people.

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day is the biggest event you’ve never heard of. Although this holiday brings hundreds of millions in retail value each year, it’s kept a low profile. But now, retailers are finally waking up to the opportunities of Singles’ Day marketing and sales campaigns.

First invented as a singles’ alternative to St Valentine’s Day, this holiday has the unofficial motto: treat yourself.

  • It’s the biggest day for online shopping, all year. In 2017, the Chinese retail giant Alibaba made $25 billion in sales, with a special focus on electronics.
  • And we can expect those sales figures to rise. Each year, the number of online shopping orders for Singles’ Day rises by hundreds of millions.
  • It’s not just about sales – the number of single people is rising too. Today, about a third of Americans are single; and many of them are happy with their choice. Only 12.7% of people say they’re actively dating.
  • Different countries celebrate different dates. In the US, it’s September 12th. Chinese singles enjoy the holiday on November 11th. And finally, the UK version falls on February 15th, the day after St Valentine’s.

How to celebrate Singles’ Day

Of course, the slogan “treat yourself” has a different meaning for everyone. But we can make a few generalizations. Single people tend to be younger and enjoy more free time. They spend that time on hobbies or with groups of friends. The younger demographic means they’re interested in mobile shopping and social media.

In this post, we’ll share different types of promotions that appeal to savvy, single, mobile users. We’ll also take examples from retail brands which have a special appeal for young and single people:

  • Fashion, health, and beauty
  • Foodies, recipes, and dining out
  • Sports and leisure hobbies
  • Leisure experiences, like festivals, concerts, and cinemas
  • New technology, electronics, and smart devices

Singles’ Day Instagram Giveaways to target a big audience

Giveaways on social media are a great choice as they target all your followers, who are people interested in your brand. It is also a great idea if you’re marketing on a budget. Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaways are quick, easy, and effective. However, you’ll need to think carefully about your audience: each network has its own demographic.

Instagram is a strong choice for your Singles’ Day campaign. The average user is young and relatively affluent. You can use profile posts and Stories to share tempting images of your products and prizes. And Instagram Giveaways are becoming ever more popular!

Here’s an example of a co-branded promotion. The cosmetics brand Benefit teamed up with a frozen yogurt company to offer a grand prize, plus a range of little treats for users who took part. Offering a range of rewards like this is a great way to increase engagement.

Instagram beauty Singles Day

Here’s another example, on a smaller scale. This baking brand shared gift cards and kitchen tools with one lucky Instagram follower. Virtual gift cards are a very popular giveaway prize: they’re versatile, easy to share, and perfectly suited for mobile use.

Food Instagram Singles Day

Twitter Giveaways to boost your brand’s online presence this Singles’ Day

You should also seriously consider a Twitter Giveaway. Although this network has a smaller audience, it offers the most flexibility for giveaways. You can ask users to follow you, retweet your posts, reply to you, or even post Tweets with a specific #hashtag and @mention. Twitter Giveaways have very easy entry requirements, therefore they tend to be popular. Quite often they reach bigger audiences than expected, meaning that they achieve the objective of increasing brand exposure.

Here’s an example from a radio channel, which shared a prize for video game fans. To take part, users had to retweet the post and tag a friend.

Twitter videogames Singles Day

Next up, this cosmetics brand shared a valuable skincare kit for “bright young things”. It’s a great example of best practices for a Twitter giveaway. They livened up their post with emoji, included terms and conditions from Easypromos, and shared an image of the prize with clear instructions.

Health beauty Twitter Singles Day

Singles’ Day giveaways to capture new leads

One of the greatest challenges of social media marketing is taking users beyond the network. You need a way to contact them and drive sales, outside of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

So to keep things simple, we recommend an Entry Form Giveaway. Offer a desirable prize, and then ask users to share their email contact details for a chance to win. Here’s an example, perfectly designed to appeal to busy singles on the go.

Food coffee Instagram Singles Day

Entry Form Giveaways are a great solution for brands working on the Singles’ Day campaigns. You get to incentivize your online community, and you also gain new leads. To make the contact details even of higher-quality, add a lead qualifying question that will segment the audiences into different groups. Ask for their likes, preferences, and interests, so in the future, you can email them discount codes and offers that they will enjoy and be likely to redeem.

Coupons and limited-time promotions for your Singles’ Day campaign

We know that consumers today are very deal-conscious. They’re looking for added value, rewards, and special offers from their chosen brands.

You can use a coupon promotion to share deals, tickets and even experiences. For example, this cinema offered cheap tickets to anyone who signed up for their email newsletter. Then they added some tension to the promotion by setting a time limit and only sharing a limited number of coupons.

limited event coupons promote a film online

You could run a coupon offer for Singles’ Day sales, with special deals on specific products. You can also email a $10 or $20 discount voucher, or offer a free gift with all purchases made on a specific date. Think creatively about how you can reward and incentivize customers, and drive traffic to your store.

Photo Contest to collect user-generated content this Singles’ Day

So far, we’ve focused on low-commitment contests. Social media giveaways and simple registration forms make it easy for anyone to take part. But you might want to offer your followers more of a challenge or tap into their creativity.

For example, take a look at this Photo Contest from a brand that sells photography gear. They asked users to share their best photos. Then they posted the results in a public gallery so that everyone could view their favorites and vote.

Photo contest technology Singles Day

In return, contestants could win a sophisticated camera drone. This is a great choice for Singles’ Day when many consumers shop for electronics, devices, and new tech. Photo Contests are a fantastic way to collect user-generated content, which is a great technique to build trust. Once the Singles’ Day competition is over you can share the UGT content on your social media to increase engagement and loyalty of your online community.

Here’s another example of a Photo Contest – this time, with a sports theme. Stihl offered a VIP experience for one lucky winner and their friends. To enter, users just had to share a photo of themselves wearing Stihl World Championships merch.

photo contest sports friends Singles Day

Remember, Singles’ Day might not be the best time to share experiences and rewards for two. But offering a prize which people can share with their group of friends is a fun idea, and very popular with consumers.

Surveys and quizzes to qualify leads of your Singles’ Day campaign

Another fun dynamic is a Knowledge Quiz, Personality Quiz or Survey. Users don’t have to create their own content, but you still obtain more information and interaction than in a basic giveaway.

In the example below, a vape tech company shared a survey with their followers. They learnt more about customer opinions and experiences – and offered an in-store discount as the incentive.

Coupons for ecommerce quiz

Surveys and quizzes are great techniques to segment your target audience. You don’t only get contact details to target in the future, but also you get more insight into the likes and preferences of your new leads. Singles’ Day is a great excuse to organize this sort of promotion. Once the participants complete the entry form, you can email them a discount code to redeem instore or online. Encourage more sales with limited-time coupons!

Refer a Friend promotions for Singles’ Day campaigns to target a bigger audience

As we saw with the sports photo contest above, it’s great to run promotions that speak to single people’s social side. One option is a recruiter or Refer a Friend contest. Use the power of word of mouth marketing to spread the good news about your brand.

Here’s a fantastic example of a music festival. The organizers offered free tickets in a prize draw. Every time users recruited a friend to the promotion, they gained an extra entry in the prize draw – so an extra chance to win!

Music concert festival friends recruiters Singles Day

Refer a Friend Giveaways are great to promote your brand, products, and events. Once your audience shares the recruitment link, they automatically become your brand ambassadors, doing all the hard job for you!

Create your marketing strategy for Singles’ Day

All these promotions were great examples of how to reward your fans, and show a human side to your brand this Singles’ Day. And by now, it should be clear that you can’t afford to miss out on this event. Get started today with a free Easypromos account. How will you celebrate the day with your followers?


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