Which type of Instagram hashtag contest is right for you?

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Until now, Instagram allowed developers to collect user-generated content with just a hashtag. But on 11th December 2018, that’s set to change and now you need hashtag and mention to collect UGC. Easypromos has already created new apps, so you can run your Instagram hashtag contest without missing a beat. Read on to hear about all the options on offer.

First, let’s talk about your marketing objectives for Instagram. There are many different ways to organize Instagram contests and giveaways, depending on your specific brand strategy and goals. If you’re considering a hashtag contest, it’s probably for one of these two reasons:

  1. You want to collect user-generated content
  2. You want to make your brand more visible on Instagram

Even with the changes to the Instagram API, both of these goals are still achievable. However, instead of the old-style hashtag contest, you now have two different apps to choose from. Let’s look at the features available. You can also see a quick comparison of all features, details, and advantages of both contest apps.

Organize a mention + hashtag contest

Participants post a photo or video on Instagram, @mention your brand, and use your #campaignhashtag in the caption. The mention + hashtag contest app collects all the posts in real-time.

Then you can reward everyone for taking part with a prize draw, pick a winner by popular vote, or ask an expert jury to choose their favorite.

What are the benefits of Instagram hashtag contest with mention?

  • Virality. Using a hashtag and mention automatically makes your campaign more visible on Instagram. It’s easy for users to find other competition entries, check your original post about the contest, and look up the terms and conditions.
  • Followers. Including your brand mention in the photo caption means that users create a direct connection between your profile and theirs. You can learn more about them with a single click.
  • Loyalty. Once your profiles are connected by the brand mention, you can contact users with direct messages. Set up Instagram Quick Replies to respond to competition entries, answer common questions, and be more responsive.
  • Versatility. You can combine Instagram and Twitter posts in your mention + hashtag contest. So long as you use the same hashtag on both networks, and connect your profile for Twitter and Instagram to the app, all posts will be collected.
  • Transparency. Adding your mention, as well as the hashtag, shows that users are intentionally joining your competition. They haven’t just used your campaign hashtag by accident! And, because they can easily find your original post, the contest rules are transparent and easy to find.

How to run an Instagram photo contest with registration form

The Instagram photo contest starts out just like a mention + hashtag contest. People share a photo or video on their Instagram profile, making sure to use your #campaignhashtag.

Next, they log into your unique contest app. They connect their Instagram account, share contact details, and agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and image permissions. (So you can make the best use of all that quality user-generated content.) Then users can select the specific photo they want to share for the contest, and it will be added to a public photo gallery.

What are the benefits of Instagram hashtag contest with registration form?

  • Leads. You can’t collect users’ contact details from Instagram. But when you ask people to connect with your contest app, you have the opportunity to ask for more personal details, such as email address or age.
  • Access to private profiles. When users post to private profiles, you can’t share their posts – even if they use your hashtag. But when they share photos to the app, you can add them to the public gallery and reuse content as you choose.
  • Express consent. The app includes checkboxes for terms and conditions, privacy policy, and even image rights. So you can be totally confident that users consent to your use of their data and original content.
  • More ways to pick a winner. Combine the app with other advanced contest dynamics, such as Instant Win rewards or promotional codes.
  • Segmentation. Limit your promotion app to specific countries, or set a minimum age for participation. Add extra questions to the registration form so that you can segment and qualify your new leads.

Compare types of Instagram hashtag contest

To sum up the contest mechanics, features, and marketing objectives, we’ve created this table to compare the two types of contest, side by side. Once you’ve made your choice, then you can register for free to get started.

Instagram hashtag contest comparative table

Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2018-12-04