Boost Brand Engagement with a Valentine’s Day Quiz

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Quick personality quizzes and timed quizzes have been popular since the days of printed teen magazines and popular TV. Remember poring over those glossy pages, biro in hand, trying to add up your score to get the result you wanted? And watching TV shows where participants had 5 seconds to answer each question? But now you can create a Valentine’s Day quiz online – to boost engagement, generate and segment leads, promote your brand and celebrate the holiday, all in one. Here’s how.

Seasonal marketing is an important approach when looking for effective ways to achieve your marketing objectives. We all know how important new leads and brand awareness are, however, there are also other goals that you should focus on achieving. One of them is engagement. Strategic and resourceful content is the right way to create and maintain meaningful interactions. But how can you create content that your audience will love? 

Today we want to show you how to take advantage of ongoing events – such as Valentine’s Day – and use them to accomplish some of your marketing objectives, with the help of online quizzes.

How to engage your audience this Valentine’s Day?

One of the hottest trends in social media marketing right now is interactive, gamified content. In other words, people love a quiz, game, puzzle, or challenge. This can only mean that people will also love a Valentine’s Day Quiz, puzzle, or challenge. Gamification is becoming more and more popular, and you can now use it to not only promote your brand but also engage your audience. What’s more, a popular holiday such as Valentine’s Day gives you a ready-made and natural theme to work with. Think pink and red highlights, with plenty of hearts, cherubs, flowers, and chocolates. The theme of love is universal, so it’s a festival that everyone can celebrate. 

In case you’re wondering if your audience is “romantic enough” to take part in Valentine’s Day promotions, then the answer is yes. A recent study shows that more than half of Americans believe in… soulmates!

Valentine's Day Quiz: Statista research about how many Americans believe in soulmates.
Survey conducted by Statista

Boost engagement with a Valentine’s Day Timed Quiz

You must remember the excitement of a random pop quiz. The great news is that you can now create such a quiz for your online community. Create a series of fun questions, for example about your bestselling products, the history of your brand, or Valentine’s Day traditions, and set a time limit to answer each question.

Take a look at this Valentine’s Day Timed Quiz Template and DEMO that we created for you.

Valentine's Day Quiz

The Timed Quiz application comes with three different options: Pop Quiz, Multi-Round and Sudden Death. Find out more about the Timed Quiz application.

Create a Valentine’s Day Quiz to increase engagement

You should always choose the right type of quiz to celebrate The Day of Love. And if you’re looking to collect valuable data about your audience you should go for a Personality Quiz? You can create some simple questions related to romance and love, and then display personalized messages to each participant that completes the quiz!

Valentine's Day Quiz

Start by explaining how the Valentine’s Day Personality Quiz works, as clearly as possible. Don’t forget to describe the prize, so that people have an extra motivation to take part in your promotion. Next, you need to design the quiz itself. Start by choosing how many questions you want to ask. The Valentine’s Day Quiz should be long enough to intrigue and challenge users, without demanding too much effort from them. 4 or 5 questions are usually about right.

Valentine's Day quiz

Users are more likely to maintain engaged if the content they’re exposed to is enjoyable or of good value. This is why you should ensure that you take care of the quiz’s esthetics. This is where you want to edit the text, add your logo, and change the colors.

Try all of our Valentine’s-themed DEMOS here and use the customizable templates to launch your promotion.

Boost sales with Valentine’s Day Product Recommender Quiz

Another quiz – very similar to the Personality Quiz – is a Product Recommender. The dynamic is very similar; users answer a series of closed questions and at the end of quiz they view a personalized message. However, this time the message recommends a product based on the answers the users gave to each question. Apart from learning more about your new leads you also get to increase your February sales, as your Valentine’s Day Product Recommender can be a great discount distribution medium.

Valentine's Day quiz. Product recommender

Take a look at the above example. After answering all the Valentine’s quiz questions, the user sees a short message that can come with a picture, gif, product landing page or discount code – different for every recommended product.

Another Valentine’s Day quiz that you could run is a survey – it’s a great option for anyone looking to collect valuable market insights and new leads. You can use one of our ready-made Survey templates to start!

Follow up with your Valentine’s Day Quiz participants

We can never repeat this enough: there is no point collecting leads if you don’t follow up. When someone completes your Valentine’s Day quiz, they share a wealth of contact details and customer insights. So don’t waste it!

Make sure you follow up right away via email. You can thank people for trying the quiz, let them know about upcoming events, or even share a bonus prize such as a Valentine’s Day e-card or a discount code.

Following up on leads doesn’t have to be laborious. Use automated and personalized emails so that you can contact everyone personally, without spending hours writing emails. When you create the Valentine’s Quiz registration form, add an option to sign up for your newsletter, to funnel users into your regular onboarding process.

You can get participants to do some of the work for you, too! That’s right – we’re talking social media. Add follow buttons so that people can connect with you. And encourage people to share their quiz results so that your contest goes viral.

Other ways to boost engagement with your Valentine’s Day campaign

There are many more creative and interactive ways that your users can engage with this Valentine’s Day. The easiest and least time-consuming promotion would be social media giveaways, and to save you even more time, we prepared Facebook and Instagram templates. Create a comments giveaway on your social media channels and you will see the engagement go through the roof!

However, there are other possibilities. Branded mini-games are the new trend! Offer your audience some extra entertainment while exposing them to your brand! Visit our Valentine’s Day Hub to discover more ideas, examples of ingenious campaigns, and free templates!

Do you have some questions about Valentine’s Day quizzes? Or maybe you have a great idea that you’d like to share with our readers? Contact our Support Team!

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