Ideas for International Women’s Day contests, events, and celebrations

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For more than a century, people around the world have celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th. It’s a day to focus on the achievements of women, and continue the fight for global equality. So how can you get involved?

Think of the women in your life: family, friends, colleagues, customers, students, peers, role models. IWD is a chance to highlight their success – and give something back to the community. Below, we’ve collected 5 ideas for International Women’s Day celebrations.

Run an International Women’s Day event

Hundreds of events are already scheduled around the world, from Boston to Bangladesh. You could set up a party, dinner, or brand event to mark the day too.

Here’s an example from The Edge, a business news service in Singapore. Women are still under-represented as leaders in the financial industry. So The Edge is organizing an exclusive event for women to celebrate and network.

Instagram post announcing an International Women's Day event for women working in finance. The image shows a woman's silhouette against a pink background, with the slogan "Real Women, Real Whisky, Real Spirit"

Think about how to focus your event on women and their achievements. For example, you could raise funds for a women’s charity, or support businesses owned by women.

Look for local companies, or social enterprises that play a role in the community. For example, this catering company is run by the Serbian NGO ATINA, and employs survivors of human trafficking. (We can also confirm that those bagels are delicious.)

Twitter post by Bagel Beygl, a catering service which employs vulnerable women and survivors of trafficking. The image shows a tray of mini bagels.

If you don’t have much time, don’t worry! The IWD organization has event packs to help with decorations and gift bags.

And if you really can’t organize your own event, you still have options. Think about teaming up with another brand, or offering to sponsor an International Women’s Day event. Local charities and sports teams are a great place to start.

Organize an awards ceremony for women in your industry

Sometimes we don’t hear enough about women’s achievements. But the world is full of inspirational, powerful women! International Women’s Day is the perfect time to make some noise about the women who have impacted your life. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Fashion brand Knomo celebrates their 15th birthday on International Women’s Day 2019. So they have organized the Knomo Award for “extraordinary and entrepreneurial women”.

Banner announcing the Knomo Award, a prize to celebrate "brilliant women" by the fashion brand Knomo

Finalists will receive generous prizes from Knomo, Sweaty Betty and The Fold. And for as long as nominations remain open, the brand will donate to Smart Works – a UK charity which supports unemployed women to return to work.

Screenshot of the Knomo Award website, explaining how to nominate women for the prize, and describing gift bags for finalists.

Think about creating an award for women in your industry. It’s a chance to highlight best practices and inspire new recruits! For example, freelance platform PeoplePerHour has just introduced its own award for International Women’s Day. Each nominee has shared her story, and anyone can vote.

Banner announcing the People Per Hour Female Freelancer of the Year award and introducing the nominees

If your budget doesn’t run to a glitzy award ceremony, then you can still celebrate women in your industry through social media or an in-house event. You could profile women in your business, or organize an International Women’s Day workshop.

Share special products for International Women’s Day

Here’s a fun way to celebrate International Women’s Day, especially if you run a B2C brand. Everyone likes a treat – so you could share one-off, themed products.

The official color of International Women’s Day is purple, so this bakery in Australia is sharing some special purple-iced cakes on March 8th. They also had the bright idea of screen-printing the IWD logo on some cake toppers.

Instagram post showing two cupcakes decorated with purple icing and the International Women's Day logo. The cakes are available to pre-order for IWD celebrations.

Little details like this are great for an IWD event, or to share around the office. You could also think about running a themed giveaway or special offer to celebrate the day.

Boost donations to International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day isn’t just about recognizing the progress we have made – although that’s very important! The day also serves as a reminder that we have a long way to go.

So it’s a good moment to highlight the efforts of women’s charities, and support them where possible. Here’s one example from espell, a global translation and localization company. They run an International Women’s Day drive to collect sanitary products for a shelter in Budapest.

Facebook post announcing a charity drive to collect sanitary products for homeless women. The image shows 6 tampons arranged in a star shape on a yellow background, with the title "Donate feminine hygiene products to homeless women".

You can combine charity efforts with other events. In this example, two brands team up to offer free blow-drys for International Women’s Day. However, to join in the party, customers are asked to make a donation to Share The Dignity, an Australian foundation for at-risk women.

Instagram post announcing free blow-drys at an Australian hair salon on International Women's Day. Sessions are free in exchange for a donation to a homeless women's charity. The image shows the letters "IWD" against a light pink background.

Set up an International Women’s Day contest

Finally, you could run a creative contest on social media. There are about 3.75 billion women in the world – and up to 1.6 billion of them are on social media!

Ask people to share their hopes for International Women’s Day, quotes that have inspired them, or photos of the women in their lives. You can even download and print selfie cards for people to share slogans in their photos.

Some suggestions from

If you don’t have customers visiting you in person, then you could try a virtual photo booth to share IWD slogans and icons. Use an app to display the photos in a gallery where people can share entries and vote for their favorites.

Don’t forget to join in the official International Women’s Day photo gallery, too! They’re collecting selfies with the hashtag #BalanceforBetter. You can also access the IWD 2019 photo collection to use diverse, up-to-date images of women in your content.

Screenshot of a banner announcing the International Women's Day photo competition. The image shows a woman holding up her hands in the "Balance for Better" pose. The image is titled "International Women's Day, March 8 - Balance for Better"

We’d love to hear about your plans for celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for contests, events, and giveaways!


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Publication date: 2019-02-21