How to Organize a Live Giveaway During a Video Call

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Do you want to find a creative way to engage the participants of your webinar, online class or video conference? You want to make sure the attendees won’t stop talking about your brand for days? Organize a live giveaway during a video call! It’s easier than you think and works its magic!

Video calls have gained popularity over the last months. Self-isolation and lockdowns have moved conferences, classes, and seminars online, making it part of the new normality. Online meetings continue to gather more users, while conference and webinar organizers are on a lookout for innovative ways to engage and entertain the attendees. A great way to do it – and at the same time thank the participants for joining your video conference – is by organizing a live giveaway. What a great idea, right?! 

In this blog post, we explain how easy it is to organize a live promotion with Easypromos. But before we start here’s an example of a Live Giveaway organized during a video call.

How to create a video call sweepstakes

If you’re looking to organize a live giveaway for the participants of your webinar or online class, then using the Easypromos Live Giveaway app is a great choice. The app allows you to decide on the giveaway dynamics. Put simply you set the entry requirements, prizes and how you wish to raffle them: 

  • Make registration the only entry requirement: you can choose to run a random draw between all the users that follow a link shared during the video call. They won’t have to do anything else in order to participate. 
  • Challenge the users to some questions: you can prepare up to six questions that the participants must answer in order to enter the prize draw. There are two different question types:
    • Survey: all participants enter the prize draw.
    • Quiz: only the participants who have answered all the questions correctly are entered into the prize draw.
  • You can raffle up to eight different prizes.
  • Set a time limit: participants can’t register or answer questions after the allotted time.

The best thing about organizing your live giveaway with Easypromos is that you can prepare it in advance! Simply come up with the questions before the video conference and save it for when you need it. You can even run a test to see exactly how it works. 

How users participate in an online live giveaway 

There are two ways to share the giveaway with your video conference participants:

  • You can either share your screen with the event attendees: participants use their mobile phone to scan the QR code to be redirected to the giveaway page
  • Share the link and LIVE ID: share the direct link and instruct the participants to enter the live ID. 

easypromos live giveaway in a video call

Once the user accesses the live giveaway screen they start the participation by identifying themselves. You can indicate whether they should introduce their full name, first name, or maybe just a nickname. If your live giveaway consists of questions, the users then proceed to answer the questions. 

Once the allotted time runs out no more participants will be allowed to enter the giveaway, and as the organizer, you can go through all the questions to show the correct answers and the percentage of users who have answered them correctly. 

live giveaway video call

How to choose a winner of a live giveaway

You can find out who the winners are as soon as all participants are registered. As the giveaway organizer, you can access the control panel of the promotion and finalize the live sweepstakes. 

Do you want to engage the audience in your online class or webinar? If you organize a live giveaway for no more than 20 participants it’ll be totally free of charge! All you have to do is create an Easypromos account, create your giveaway and reward create excitement during your video conference! Do you have some doubts? Make sure to contact us via our Online Chat

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Publication date: 2020-07-17