How to Celebrate Australia Day on Social Media with Giveaways

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Australia Day is a fantastic opportunity for brands to reconnect with their social media communities. Today we share some simple ideas for Instagram and Facebook giveaways for Australia Day. Promote your brand and products, boost engagement, and stay top of mind with your customers! Read on.

Australia Day is usually a day full of fun celebrations, family gatherings, and fireworks. People around the country fire up their barbeques, head to the beach, put on their most festive t-shirts and hats with the Australian flag, and enjoy the festivities that their town has to offer. Generally speaking, Australia Day is all about being proud of your country, lifestyle, climate, and landscape. 

Are you wondering how your brand can join the celebrations on January 26? You’re in the right place as we’re about to show you some great examples of Australia Day giveaways on social media! Discover how to boost engagement, tap into customer loyalty, and stay top of mind with your clients.

How to celebrate Australia Day with an Instagram giveaway?

Instagram is now the most popular social media network for running giveaways! And chances are that the majority of your target audience are active Instagram users. Therefore, running an Australia Day sweepstakes on Instagram is a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and reinforce your brand. Let’s start by pointing out the most recommended practices for running Instagram giveaways:

  • To automate your giveaway with the Easypromos Instagram Giveaway app, ask participants to:
    • Follow you
    • Comment on the post
    • Tag their friends
  • Showcase the prize
  • Include the promotion dates and share terms and conditions

Why should you follow these rules? Because we believe you’d want your Australia Day giveaway to be your most popular Instagram post of the year, right?!

Are you planning to launch an Australia Day giveaway on social media? Use our pre-configured templates to save time!

Now, let’s take a look at some examples!

Australia Day Giveaway: fashion and accessories brand

Let’s start by stating the most important fact. ANY brand can organize an Australia Day giveaway on social! You can’t go wrong if you’re based in Australia or have Aussie customers.

Here’s an example from Veldskoen Shoes.

Australia Day giveaway. Screenshot of an instagram giveaway organized for Australia day by Veldskoen Shoes

The brand wanted to reconnect with their Australian customers right in time for the national day – they did so with the help of an easy social media giveaway. Veldskoen Shoes asked the participants to follow the organizing accounts, mention two mates in the post and also explain where in Australia they would wear the shoes. One lucky winner walked away with a brand new pair of Veldskoen shoes. 

TIP: See how clearly the picture presents the prize. And the kangaroo rocking the Aussie flag automatically shows that it was an Australia Day giveaway! 

Australia Day giveaway: ideas for health and beauty brands

Another brand that grew their audience and boosted social media engagement around Australia Day is Temt, a women’s apparel brand that collaborated with another clothing company. Surprisingly, they didn’t raffle their products – instead, they gave away a gorgeous beauty package!

Australia Day giveaway. Screenshot of an instagram giveaway organized for Australia day by Temtau.

Participants followed the organizing accounts, tagged their besties, and liked the promotional picture. If you ask your followers to follow the same participation requirements, you will have to manually check if the winner liked your photo! Also, remember that Instagram is removing likes in some countries, so it’s probably better to steer away from asking for the double-tap.

Ever wondered to launch an online game to celebrate Australia Day with your online community? Check out how an Australian airport parking business generates engagement, visibility, and loyalty with branded mini-games.

Do you have a big audience on another social media network, for example, Facebook? Make sure you promote your Instagram giveaway on other platforms. It’s a great way to drive traffic to other networks to easily grow your audience. Temt did exactly that!

Screenshot of Temt promoting their Instagram giveaway on facebook

Australia Day giveaway: idea for the food and drinks industry

Luckily for Australians, January happens to fall in the middle of their summer! Family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without the sunny weather and long bright evenings. And neither without a cocktail set from Good Cocktail Co! 

As part of their countdown to Australia Day, the brand decided to give away one cocktail set every day throughout the week. Apart from promoting their products, boosting engagement, and growing their audience, they also stayed top of mind with customers

Good cocktail co screenshot of insytagram giveaways organized for Australia Day

Some brands might not be able to run multiple giveaways and that’s completely fine. But if you can afford to give away more than one prize follow Good Cocktail Co’s example. You will keep your followers engaged and make them come back for more! 

Promote your product with a Facebook giveaway

Did you know that Facebook is still the favorite social media network for Gen Z and Millennials? So if your brand is family-oriented or sells products that can be enjoyed by the whole household, make sure you celebrate Australia Day on Facebook. Take a look at how Otway Pork and Matador promoted their products right in time for the best day for barbequing in Australia!

Screenshot of an Australia Day giveaway organized on Facebook by Otway Pork

To generate engagement, Otway Pork asked their audience to comment on the post and explain what their favorite Otway Pork product is. One lucky winner won a brand new barbeque, as well as a tray of Otway Pork meat valued at $100. 

What did the organizing brands get out of this promotion? Chances are, they were top of mind with the participants, even though there was only one winner! 

So… Are you now ready to run Australia Day giveaways on social media channels? Remember, any reason is good enough to reconnect with your audience… And any brand can organize a social media giveaway! But don’t worry if you have any questions. You can chat with our Customer Support Team!

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