Local Commerce: Ideas to Re-engage and Reward Paying Customers

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From an economic perspective, 2020 undoubtedly transformed many sectors. Small local businesses have been strongly affected by lockdowns, mobility restrictions, and capacity limitations. As the uncertainty continues, local brands must take on a proactive role to reengage customers and bring back proximity commerce.

Today we take a look at three creative approaches that retail associations, neighborhood stores, and local commerce can take on to reconnect with their customers, bring them back to their premises and encourage further purchases. Let’s dive in! 

1. Run a giveaway for paying customers

Let’s start with one of the simplest and most typical ideas for local businesses… You must have come across brands raffling gift cards redeemable at the organizing shops or gift boxes full of attractive prizes. Some brands give away their bestselling products, in an attempt to promote them further and stay top of mind with their customers. The most reliable way to create a promotion for paying customers is by organizing a transparent Entry Form Giveaway; it does not only help you to reinforce customer loyalty but also collect new leads for your future marketing campaigns. 

Screenshot of mobile preview of a giveaway organized by Trinity Heights for their paying customers. Clients had to spend a minimum amount at the participating stores for a chance to win a ham. Example of a promotion for local commerce to reward paying customers.

How does it work? The customer experience is positive, as the shop assistant explains the promotion dynamics; they can share the link to the promotion microsite or show a QR code that can be scanned by anyone interested in the promotion. The promotion details can be also printed on the receipts or leaflets given to all clients. The customer can then participate while in the shop, once they arrive home, or at any other moment. 

Take a look at the above example. Customers of Trinity Height got a chance to win ham right in time for the winter holidays. Participants filled out the registration form and shared a picture of their valid receipt; to participate they had to spend at least $10. Once the promotion finished, the organizer used the Easypromos tool to draw a random winner of the giveaway. They could also send a personalized email to the winners and all participants, informing them of who won the prize. This simple promotion can be created by any local business, no matter the size.

2. Use a prize wheel to distribute attractive prizes for paying customers

Have you ever experienced the excitement that comes with fortune wheels? It can generate impressive emotions when the prizes at stake are attractive. So how about generating that excitement for your own brand? Take a look at the Easypromos Spin the Wheel promotion for paying customers organized by a pizzeria. Note, how the app was customized with the corporate image.

Example of a promotion for local commerce to reward paying customers. Screenshot of a spin the wheel promotion for halloween.

This promotion is recommended for local commerce brands looking to distribute multiple prizes like merchandise, 2×1 discounts, etc. 

The above example shows perfectly how the registration process works; users share their contact information and then introduce a number of their receipt. Once the system confirms the receipt is valid, the participant gets to spin the prize wheel. 

3. Rewards for points accumulation 

There’s only one thing better than customers buying from local commerce, namely repeat purchases! Invite clients to collect points for each purchase and watch them coming back for more! Easypromos allows you to keep track of the purchases your customers make and reward them with a prize or discount once they achieve the required number of points! 

Wondering how it works? Users register through the Easypromos Codes application and upload receipts from their purchases. They visit the app each time they spend money at your store. Once they obtain the required number of points they get a prize! Give a go to our DEMO where users accumulate points in order to obtain a discount code – it’s a great way to boost sales, retain customers, and also expand your mailing list

Don’t worry if you think that users might upload wrong or duplicated receipts! The application allows you to check all receipts manually so that you can reject the ones that don’t meet the requirements.

All three ideas shared until now are straightforward to launch, and local commerce brands don’t need anything else apart from an active Easypromos plan. Now, if you wish, the actions can be more sophisticated and even combined with each other. Here are some examples: 

  • Instead of asking users to validate their receipts, distribute unique codes to all paying customers. You can give out codes based on the customer’s expenditure, for example, for a purchase of $20 you give 2 codes, for a purchase of $50 you give 5 codes, which can also be 5 participations in a giveaway. 
  • Incorporate Instant Win into your promotion. Let’s imagine that a retail association is raffling an all-inclusive trip to an African safari. Apart from randomly choosing a winner from among all participants, the system can randomly give away smaller prizes, like t-shirts, power banks, or discounts. This way you reinforce customer loyalty and get to improve the shopping experience for those who don’t win the main prize. 
  • For more advanced customers you can implement QR code discounts. A good example would be a customer receiving a unique code that gives them access to a prize wheel; the user can spin the wheel only once for a chance to win a 50% discount. If it’s their lucky day, the participant will receive an email with their discount code in a form of a QR code. When your client decides to redeem their code all they have to do is show the QR code to the shop assistant who will scan the code, validate it, and automatically apply the discount. It might seem like a complicated process but not with Easypromos! It can be easily implemented and customized without the need for any programming skills. 

Any of these promotions can be created with the Easypromos Premium or White Label plan. If you have some questions or simply need more information about promotions for local commerce, contact our Customer Support Team!

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Publication date: 2021-01-07