Gamification for Companies. Goals and Examples

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HR Managers are constantly looking for new ways to boost their employees’ motivation and connection with their company. Gamification in companies has become the ultimate solution for those who seek to create enriching and challenging experiences that harvest values such as competitiveness, teamwork and excellence, all of which can be done through game activities applied to a work environment.

Gamification in marketing is not an exclusive global trend. Applying gamification in business is an increasingly common practice around the world, as it has enabled large and small companies to achieve key business goals with both internal and external clients. Hence, it is not only a practice used in staff training activities but rather a quite common activity in marketing, communication, sales, and customer service teams.

By knowing that gamification will improve your team’s motivation and productivity, you may wonder: how could I change all of these boring procedures for dynamic activities that will change my employees’ day-to-day life? Well, from our team at Easypromos, we want to help! It’s very important to set your desired goals before designing your gamification activities. We’ve brought five examples of gamification for companies that you can apply to your business today.

Gamification for companies: key objectives

Training your employees

Forget about all of those boring slideshows that only make you lose the attention of your audience! Welcome new tools and techniques into your business to improve your communication and never lose your customers. Organizational gamification aims to create innovative learning and training ecosystems. Thus, if your goal is to train your company’s employees effectively and efficiently, try a combination of gaming and technology.

Enhancing and developing specific skills

Group activities are essential to strengthen the relationship among employees. Through gamification, we can enhance the competitive spirit of our employees in a healthy way. Cooperation activities strengthen the bonds between colleagues and foster better relationships, these activities will definitely have a positive impact on our business.

Improving communication

Internal communication improves thanks to the gamification examples we will share with you in this article. So how is it possible? Whatever technique or game dynamics you prefer to implement within your company, you will be able to create engagement among your employees and align them with the corporate communication strategy of your company.

Substituting our internal communication strategy through game activities is key to turning something complex into a simple, fun, interactive, and approachable issue. Do you dare to take the plunge?

Raising your employees’ motivation

Gamification in companies not only increases productivity, but also helps to motivate your employees through achievements and rewards. Employees become involved with the company’s goals and results, which increases their sense of belonging and pride in being part of your company.

Examples of gamification for companies

Regardless of your company’s size or budget, gamification is within everyone’s reach. Gamified activities can be adapted to the most complex and most casual environments. Take some notes, turn on your creativity switch! Here are five ways to bring gamification into your company.

Contests and giveaway apps

Who doesn’t want to win a weekend getaway? Contests in companies greatly encourage creativity and participation. Is there something wrong in your company? Or maybe something does not feel quite right? Get your employees to be a part of the solution; a good way to do this is by launching a contest of proposals for improving our company.

If you’d rather do it online, at Easypromos we offer a self-service platform with which you can create customized contests that well-adapt to your company’s needs.

Virtual simulations

How many employees do you think really understand how to prevent office hazards? Face-to-face training takes a back seat if we’re not able to keep our employees’ attention. However, by using game activities such as virtual simulations that challenge your employees to take life-changing decisions, this will be a great way to make employees aware of the importance of carrying out their work safely and with a sense of responsibility.

Fostering your business’ culture through games

Nurturing certain values and attitudes may be a challenge every now and then, especially if we have a culturally and generationally diverse workforce within the same company. To this effect, games can really help us link challenges or missions to positive behaviors among our employees.

Team building activities that foster healthy behaviors

Working from home has made us forget about break time chats and after-office meetings… Our work life has certainly changed a lot, but that shouldn’t stop us from working on team building; even if we are all at home. We encourage you to create a digital counter in which all employees record the laps they jog in the park. This is a physical challenge that will promote health and wellness, and incidentally becomes a challenge that can only be achieved if they work as a team. Instead of rewarding a single employee, the prize can be destined for a charity that resonates with your company.

New call-to-action

These were some of our examples to implement a gamification strategy in your company. So, are you ready to welcome games into your business? We’re confident you will start noticing better results in no time!

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Publication date: 2021-06-08