How to Increase Traffic on Facebook

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Attracting more traffic to a Facebook page is a concern for all businesses. In this article, we look at some important steps that can successfully help you get more traffic on your page with tips like, for example, how do you pick a winner on a Facebook giveaway.

How to drive traffic to your Facebook page

Driving traffic to your Facebook page and building up your follower list requires some effort. People who wish to achieve a larger following will be tempted to press the “Invite Friends to Like This Page” button. However, it is not recommended to go for such short-cuts if we want to attract quality traffic as you may be indirectly forcing your family and friends to like your page, and thus attracting people who are not its target or won’t interact with it in the future.

In order to attract genuine and fresh traffic and do so on a regular basis, we need a perfect execution strategy. So, if you really want to master the skill of how to create traffic on Facebook, you need to understand what kind of content will create interest in people that will end up following or liking your page. Is the only option to organize a giveaway on Facebook if we want to attract traffic?

The answer is no. You have to create value in what you post and make money to stay afloat. Not only that, but if you’re running a business you need to convert the traffic you receive into clients as well. A lot of people opt for buying Facebook ads in the initial stages of their Facebook page. Although the Ad Manager on Facebook helps you attract some visitors to your page, you may lose lots of money when you don’t truly know the ROI of your investment. It may be better to consider choosing specific methods that have proven exceptional results on how to get more visitors to your Facebook page. Your posts have to be carefully thought out in order to attract more visitors.

How to create traffic on Facebook: best methods to do so efficiently

Let’s look at the following example to understand successful strategies on Facebook.  You should be able to offer customized agreements to your potential clients with verbiages like “Follow us on Facebook”. A beautifully designed post with a powerful call to action will result in visitors liking that page. Phrases like “This special offer applies solely to our followers on Facebook”, can definitely get you a significant number of followers and likes.

Another method could be organizing competitions and attractive giveaways for your visitors. Those who participate in the contest will ask for votes from their friends and family. This means your page can get more exposure to more and more people. Such competitions are particularly useful if you want your page to be seen by new users. You may pick a winner by using tools like Comment Picker that selects the winner randomly. Just sign in, choose and click on ‘Start’ to log into your Facebook account.

Craft special offers and publicize them in a special way. At times, crazy offers that are valid for a limited period of time help you get a high number of subscribers and followers that you never even intended to attract in the first place. Once you get their contact details such as email address, you will be able to send them regular marketing messages whenever you have a new offer.

Changing your style of posts with various graphics and visuals will keep your followers engaged. That is because they are tempted to cling to your page as they tacitly appreciate your sense of aesthetics. Also, you must provide a certain frequency on your posting. Letting too much of a gap between your posts will result in the disengagement of your followers, and they may visit you less frequently. Posting sweepstakes from time to time will definitely catch your target audience’s eye and will be especially beneficial if you haven’t posted in a while.

More Ways on how to generate traffic to your Facebook page

Keep an eye on the news. Events of general interest provide golden opportunities for you to create offers that may attract your audience. Linking your business to social welfare activities such as helping people in need not only encourages others to do the same, but also attracts them to your page. 

Engage with your followers in a meaningful and decent way by responding to their queries. You can reward people by asking them tough questions, to keep them intrigued and incentivized. Remember that social media is a two-way channel. You must never engage in a negative dialogue with your followers. Listening to suggestions and incorporating them, when possible (always keeping your corporate strategy intact, of course), builds a sense of compassion and closeness for your page among followers. It’s a perfect method to take into consideration if you want to know how to create traffic on Facebook.

Be confident and pleasant with the tone of your posts. Don’t use phrases that could bully people and come across as harsh. Incorporate a sense of humor and engagement in all of your posts.  Join the groups that are related to your products and services and post on entertainment sites and their Facebook pages. 

Post video reviews of your clients who have had wonderful experiences with your products and services. Such posts build confidence among people that want to try out your brand. You can also collaborate with other companies that have followers to support you on a reciprocal basis. Lastly, you can also invite fans from other social media channels to join you on Facebook live events.

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