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Add Contests and Inbound Marketing to Obtain More Leads

Publication date: 21/11/2017

In the Annual Social Networks Study for 2017 recently published by IAB Spain, the conclusion regarding online promotions is clear: in Spain, 83% of those surveyed follow brands via networks such as Facebook and Instagram. 40% of these followers have no problem providing their information so that companies can send them information about promotions and advertising of interest.

Study: Facebook Sweepstakes Generate 1000% More Engagement than Standard Promotional Posts

Publication date: 10/02/2017

Facebook Sweepstakes Hosted through the Easypromos Platform Increase 250%; Results Show More Likes, Comments, Shares and Followers. PRESS NOTE – TORONTO, BARCELONA – FEBRUARY 10, 2017 Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the results of a six-month study of Facebook promotions which found that Sweepstakes posted on a Facebook page receive, on […]

6 Trends Shaping Digital Promotions and Marketing in 2017

Publication date: 09/01/2017

Toronto, Barcelona, January 6, 2017 –Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced its Forecast for Trends Shaping Digital promotions in 2017. According to the company, 2016 demonstrated an increasingly intensifying digital promotions environment as businesses, agencies and brands focused a greater share of marketing efforts on online and social media channels to engage with a growing digital audience. Looking ahead, the company forecasts that digital promotions will continue to solidify themselves as a cornerstone of innovative marketing programs globally, with marketers embracing new tools and capabilities launched by social media channels.

The New Pick a Winner App – Choose Random Winners of your Giveaways

Publication date: 21/10/2016

Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the launch of its Pick-A-Winner App, a new tool which enables users to randomly pick a winner by uploading a list of offline participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file to the new app. The Pick-A-Winner App brings the speed, functionality and impartiality of Easypromos Sweepstakes platform to users who would have had to otherwise pick a winner manually from a list.

New List Giveaway App – Engage Your Online Community with a Giveaway

Publication date: 11/10/2016

Announcing the new Easypromos List Giveaway App, a new tool which allows you, for the first time, to hold a sweepstakes by importing a list of participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file. You’ll be able to select winners and alternate winners randomly, generating a Certificate of Validity that guarantees your participants that the sweepstakes has been carried out in a transparent, impartial way.

Promote your Giveaways and Contests on Whatsapp, Telegram, and Line

Publication date: 22/01/2015

Whatsapp, Telegram and Line, the reference instant messaging apps, have become the preferred means of communication for millions of users worldwide. Whatsapp is one of the most popular, with over 600 million users. Its immediacy, ease of use and compatibility with the operating systems of all smartphones has made it one of the most popular apps for sharing, disseminating and exchanging information.