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Gabriel Cruz

He is part of the customer care team at Easypromos. He holds degrees in Business & Marketing and International Business. He is currently studying Degree in Economics at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He joined Easypromos in 2016, bringing the benefit of his experience in customer service and sales. In his spare time you can find Gabriel in the mountains practicing trail running.

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How to organize a yearly online contest

Publication date: 18/11/2021

How many events have you attended in the last couple of years? Surely, you have your favorite. Have you noticed that many of them take place yearly? Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s anniversary event or any other yearly event in your sphere? Which do you think are the most effective strategies to make a celebration successful? We have chosen a set of yearly events for you to analyze, implement into your marketing strategy, and hopefully find the answers to those questions. Let ‘s get started!

How to Run a Sweepstakes for your Newsletter Subscribers

Publication date: 16/11/2016

Would you like to run a sweepstakes for all your newsletter subscribers? Would you like to increase your subscriber community? Would you like to carry out a random and transparent sweepstakes between subscribers? If you’re looking for a promotion to loyalize readers of your newsletter, we suggest you launch an online sweepstakes for them. Export a list of your newsletter subscribers to an Excel, CSV or Text file, and then import their details to Easypromos and randomly select one or more prizewinners. Share this promotion across your channels and you’ll be guaranteed to boost your newsletter subscriptions.

Run a Sweepstakes for Users who Comment on your Blog

Publication date: 16/11/2016

If one of your objectives for your blog is to energize your readers to express their opinions about the subjects published on your blog, use a sweepstakes to encourage them to comment on your articles. In this way, you’ll obtain valuable information about your visitors, such as whether they agree with your blogpost; what concerns or doubts they may have; which of your content they value most, and so on.

Boost your Online Sales with our Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

Publication date: 27/10/2016

Following on from Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become an important date in the online sales calendar. Three days after the massive sales enjoyed by shops, malls and department stores during Black Friday, it’s the turn of ecommerce. Cyber Monday is now a global, online shopping spree.

5 Promotion Ideas for Boosting Your Business Online

Publication date: 27/10/2016

Would you like to promote your business across the social networks? Would you like to broaden your network of customers? Would you like to generate greater online visibility for your business? Would you like to reward your brand’s most loyal clients? Would you like to know what your fans think about one of your products or about something else? It’s not an easy task, but in Easypromos we know that many companies decide to use social networks because they represent a great opportunity for promoting your business through online actions which give value to your brand.