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The 10 essential do’s and don’ts for Facebook contests
10 Dos and Donts of Facebook contests

Posted in: Applications for FacebookCorinna Keefe

Like it or not, we are living in the Facebook era. But as the big blue social network grows, it’s harder than ever to reach customers with your Facebook Business page. Facebook contests and giveaways can be the solution… if you get them right. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts from Easypromos, the experts in Facebook contests.


8 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Posted in: Applications for FacebookMartin Ochwat

The best marketing strategy isn’t often focused on selling. It’s about building trust. Selling is a by-product of knowing your audience and recommending products or services that address their needs. Discover 8 tips you can use on Facebook to build trust with your brand, specially if you are an eCommerce.


5 Winter Facebook Giveaways to Beat the Blues
Winter Facebook giveaways to beat the blues

Posted in: Applications for FacebookCorinna Keefe

Apart from the holidays, winter is not our favorite season. The air is cold, the sky is grey, and summer holidays seem very far away. But you can brighten up your social media with winter Facebook giveaways! Make yourself a hot drink, and let’s get started.


What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How Can You Create a Successful Campaign With Them?
facebook lead ads

Posted in: Applications,Applications for FacebookMarta Roura

Advertising on Facebook continues to evolve, providing new ways of reaching your target audience. Each day brings flexible new options that adapt to the needs of companies and brands. One of the most versatile of all advertising models is that of Facebook Lead Ads. If you don’t know what they are or how to integrate them into your Online Marketing strategy, keep reading. Below, we outline the most essential tips for ensuring that your next campaign is a success.


How to Pick a Winner on Facebook: the Easy Way to Run a Giveaway

Posted in: Applications for FacebookSilvia Marti Ferrer

So you’ve created a Facebook giveaway… and you’ve got a LOT of participants. How are you going to pick a winner? Here’s the easy way to do it. No copy-and-pasting or random number generators required!


Create a Quiz on Facebook to Get to Know Your Followers

Posted in: Applications for FacebookKamila Palka

Do you have a big Facebook community that you’d like to know more about? There is now a way to learn more about your Facebook followers – and generate engagement, leads and visibility. Learn to do it with a Facebook quiz app.


5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Comment with a Photo or a Video

Posted in: Applications for FacebookRandi Jensen

Brands are constantly looking out for ways to entertain and engage their Facebook communities. One of the most popular tactics is to share mini games that provide entertainment to online users. Try to gamify your brand by combining games and giveaways in a single post! How? Ask participants to comment on your posts with a screenshot, a photo or a video to enter your Facebook giveaway. Now you can import the comments with the photos and videos, and you can easily exclude those that don’t comply with entry requirements. Run a giveaway only for those those that do. Here we will show you 5 creative examples of Facebook Sweepstakes where the users were asked to comment with a photo or a video to participate in the prize draw.


Facebook Fights Against Engagement Bait. Will it Affect Contests?

Posted in: Applications for FacebookCarles Bonfill

Facebook has announced that it will demote posts that use ‘engagement bait’ techniques such as content that urge users to like, tag, comment or share and that use clever but not very authentic headlines. Will this affect Like and comments-based Facebook Sweepstakes? We will explain here.


Facebook Gamification: Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Page

Posted in: Applications for Facebook,Digital marketingKamila Palka

A brand’s Facebook page requires constant creation of interesting content to foster engagement and communicate effectively with followers and customers. Gamification is the newest trend that effectively helps brands in working towards a variety of different objectives. In this article, we take a look at different ways of gamifying your Facebook page – read on for ideas, real examples, tips and ready-made templates.