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Facebook will update the number of Likes on March 12
Facebook will update the number of Likes

Posted in: Applications for Facebook,Digital marketingMarian Jubany

Facebook is still pursuing its mission to give greater value to “likes”. One of the latest changes made by the company aims to achieve this. This change is: High quality fans. 

Facebook wants to provide administrators with updated and consistent information about the users who actively follow their Pages. Their objective is to help Pages be more effective at reaching a public that is genuinely interested in their brand. In order to do so, Facebook announced that starting on March 12 it will update Pages’ Like counts by removing inactive or disabled accounts.


App to Create Giveaways and Export Comments and Likes from Facebook
Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes App

Posted in: Applications for Facebook,Business newsCarles Bonfill

Do you want to run a promotion directly from your Page’s timeline? Do you want to hold a sweepstakes among all the users who like one of your posts? Do you want to give a prize to whoever correctly answers your questions on Facebook? Or do you simply wish to export data on users who participate in your posts to Excel? We offer you a tool that allows you to manage those who interact with your timeline posts, and to carry out a sweepstakes for all those who comment on or like your posts.


How to Publish the Winners of a Promotion within the Easypromos Application

Posted in: Applications for FacebookCarles Bonfill

Easypromos provides for all versions – Basic, Premium and White Label – a tool that allows organizers to communicate the winners of a promotion within the same application and communicate it to your followers. This way, administrators can spread the news of the winners on his/her page with a direct URL to the Winners page.


Prepare your promotions for the new Facebook News Feed

Posted in: Applications,Applications for FacebookCarles Bonfill

Facebook has just announced design changes for News Feed, which will improve the way in which users share their information. More visual, clearer images, better organized stories and with the same design for all devices. These are the key aspects that Facebook has used to define the changes the News Feed will incorporate, which will affect the page where users share their stories with their friends.


How to Create a Recruiting Contest on Facebook with Easypromos
create a recruiting contest on facebook

Posted in: Applications,Applications for FacebookCarles Bonfill

One of the main goals of Facebook fan pages is to dynamize it by improving the user engagement and, at the same time, getting new followers. The recruiting system of Easypromos provides the tool to create a new type of contest where increasing the number of fans is the main objective, taking advantage of the viral effect of Facebook promotions. We are going to explain you how this system works and how to create a recruiting contest.


How to Get more Likes on Facebook for your Business Page

Posted in: Applications for FacebookMiquel Bonfill

You’ve just created your Facebook Business Page, and there’s one question on your mind: “Now what?” What should I do? What should I say? How do I start to build my audience? So we’ve put together this guide to getting your first 1,000 followers in 6 easy steps. No tricks here – just good, old-fashioned social media marketing strategies.


Why You Should Share Promotional Codes with your Facebook Followers
Coupons promotional codes Facebook

Posted in: Applications for FacebookCorinna Keefe

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. And promotional codes are a classic marketing strategy that consumers love! So in this post, we’ll explain how to combine the two. Learn about all the different ways you can share coupons with your Facebook followers, and create a virally successful campaign.