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Ideas for incorporating Twitter and Instagram in Facebook promotions
10 contest ideas instagram and twitter

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Without a doubt, Facebook is still the most popular social network, but if you complement it with other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, you can expand the reach of your promotion even further. In this post we have a look at what these other exciting networks can offer and how you can take advantage of them.


How to Run Text, Photo and Video Contests on Twitter and Instagram

Posted in: Applications,Applications for Instagram,Applications for Twitter

Would you like to carry out a giveaway where users can participate with a tweet? Or maybe you want to run a Photo Contest where people participate through Instagram? Or do you simply want to create a gallery of photos and videos linked by a #hashtag? All this can be done with our Twitter and Instagram integrations. Learn how to create online contests and campaigns in which users participate with content generated on their social media profiles. Such promotions allow users to easily take part in your contest, they’re also fantastic to make your brand go viral!