10 Tips to Write A Viral Tweet for your Twitter Giveaway
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In the last few years, some social media experts began to dismiss Twitter as a platform for online engagement. But recently, the social network has made a surprising comeback, with a focus on video and current affairs. Smart brands have realized that Twitter offers a unique format to communicate with users and build a clear brand identity. Here’s how to maximize your reach and write a viral tweet.


Now you can capture and share videos from the Twitter app
uploading and sharing videos from Twitter H

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Twitter has introduced a new feature: You can now record a video, upload it and share it via Twitter from the app itself. This feature is being implemented gradually in iOS and Android. This means it is no longer necessary to have a Vine account in order to share videos in Twitter, making it a quicker and easier process.


Twitter – Now you can send private group messages
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Last January 27, Twitter announced two important new features that would widen the range of possibilities and functionalities of its social network: private group messages and mobile video capture. With the development of group messages, Twitter has managed to position itself as an alternative to “instant messaging.” It is also noteworthy that it now gives place to video – a content that is becoming increasingly relevant in social media and that Twitter has needed to accommodate.


How to create a hashtag for your Twitter and Instagram campaigns
Create a hashtag for Twitter Instagram campaigns

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Creating a hashtag seems simple, but to ensure a really successful Twitter and Instagram campaign, it is worth bearing in mind some aspects that are outlined in this article.