Create a Quiz on Facebook to Get to Know Your Followers

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If you have many fans on Facebook, it can be hard to reach every one of them. To create engagement, why not create a quiz? Let us talk you through the process.


5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Comment with a Photo or a Video

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One of the actions that brands can use on their Facebook page is to propose small games to entertain and interact with their community. Try to gamify your brand by combining game + sweepstakes in a single post! How? Ask participants to comment on your posts with a screenshot, a photo or a video to enter your Facebook giveaway. Now you can import the comments with the photos and videos, and you can easily exclude those that don’t fulfill this requirement and run the sweepstakes among those that do. Here we will show you 5 creative examples of Facebook Sweepstakes where the users were asked to comment with a photo or a video to participate in the prize draw.


Facebook Fights Against Engagement Bait. Will it Affect Contests?

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Facebook has announced that it will demote posts that use ‘engagement bait’ techniques such as content that urge users to like, tag, comment or share and that use clever but not very authentic headlines. Will this affect Like and comments-based Facebook Sweepstakes? We will explain here.


6 Commonly Made Mistakes When Planning a Facebook Contest Strategy
Facebook Contest Strategy

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Is your Facebook contest strategy not working? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you have a Facebook promotion strategy already underway or are only just thinking about embarking on this adventure, learn about the most common mistakes so you can avoid making them.


3 Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Page

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A brand’s Facebook page requires constant generation of interesting content to foster engagement and communicate effectively with followers and customers.


3 Easy Ideas for your Christmas Facebook Contest

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Christmas is the season of giving – and it’s time for your brand to join the party. Run a Christmas Facebook giveaway to increase followers, engagement, and brand loyalty. We know it’s a busy time of year, so we’ll dive right in with 3 Christmas Facebook contests that you can create in minutes.


How to create Facebook contests – real examples and best practices

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Let’s face it – Everybody is on Facebook! So your brand/business also needs to be there, be active and engage with the users. If you’re already there but don’t have much interaction and engagement from your users, you can attract attention and create engagement and brand awareness with a Facebook contest. Facebook has a huge community that’s very familiar with participating in contests, sweepstakes and other types of promotions so take advantage. Here we’ll go through the different ways of organizing a Facebook Contest.


Changing the Thumbnail of Your Facebook Live is Easy if You Know How

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Broadcasting live videos and polls with Facebook Live will increase the reach of your posts given that Facebook gives more reach value to this type of content and your videos will be shown before posts from other users and will have more views in the users’ newsfeed. If in addition to that the thumbnail image is interesting and striking, your video is sure to be seen even after the live streaming. You can change the thumbnail image of your Facebook Live videos to help achieve that. Keep reading and we’ll explain how.


Definitive Guide to Give Visibility to Facebook Sweepstakes
Visibility to Facebook Sweepstakes

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A Facebook Sweepstakes is one of the actions that can help you most to spread your brand and increase engagement with your online community. A study based on 24.000 Facebook Sweepstakes shows that this action increases the engagement on a post with up to 1000%. On Facebook pages with many fans, a sweepstakes post easily goes viral but for other pages, it can be difficult to generate traffic to the post in the beginning. If this is your case, follow these steps to achieve an optimal dissemination of the sweepstakes and that way get more participants. Don’t be satisfied with reaching only half of your followers. Check out these options to expand the reach and increase participation!


Chicco UK Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Multi-Post Facebook Giveaway

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Baby care brand Chicco celebrated Mother’s Day in the UK with an enormous Facebook giveaway. Here’s how they teamed up with the agency HROC to plan and carry out the Mother’s Day giveaway.