How to avoid fake votes. Verified user filter

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One of the objectives of Easypromos is to prevent any fraudulent activities that may be attempted in those promotions created with the application. For this purpose, one of the latest features we have incorporated into Easypromos Premium and White Label allows administrators the option of ensuring that only users with accounts verified by Facebook may vote.


Easypromos installation guide

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Is it your first time with Easypromos? Would you like to test some of our versions on your Facebook page? The first step to start creating promotions is to install the Easypromos application on the Facebook page where you want to organize your contests. This tutorial will guide you through all the application installation process.


How to Create a Promotion with Easypromos Basic

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New at Easypromos? Or maybe you have done sweepstakes before and now want to try something different to obtain leads? If you want to create your first promotion and don’t know where to start, this step-by-step guide can help you during the configuration process of your first promotion with an Easypromos Basic application.


The Easypromos administration panel on Facebook

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In this post we give you a general overview of the different options available in the Easypromos administration panel on Facebook, where you’ll find all the tools to easily manage your contests and promotions on your Facebook page. If you haven’t installed Easypromos on your Facebook page yet, check out the following tutorial, where we offer you a step-by-step installation guide.


How to publish an Easypromos promotion on a Facebook Timeline
Publish promotion on the Timeline

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Once a promotion or contest is activated, the communication and diffusion actions start in order to reach our followers and target public. In this tutorial we explain all the steps you need to follow in order to successfully publish a promotion in the Timeline taking into account the new design of Facebook pages. We will also give some practical tips for promoting and communication your campaign with the aim of reaching all your fans.


Optimize the promotion design for the new Timeline

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From April 1, 2012 Facebook will change all pages to Timeline display mode. This change opens up a whole new horizon for Easypromos design. As we noted in our last post, Easypromos is now 100% compatible with the new Timeline. But what’s more, we have been updating our platform in order to provide new opportunities for customization, making full use of all the options offered by Facebook’s new design. The first of these adaptations is the chance to add customized backgrounds to your promotions. This option is available for all Easypromos versions. [See real example of a promotion with customized background images]


Insight on the new Facebook Timeline for brands

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We have seen brands and agencies panic about the incorporation of a Timeline to the Facebook Fan Pages and now that it has finally arrived we would like to inform you about the most important changes. But first of all, we would like to give all of you the top tips: Do not rush into publishing the Timeline for your page/s. It looks like there is a contest on who will be the first to implement the new features, mostly big brands. Also media pressure was present, offering great coverage for the leaders. However, we can assure you that it is better to have a good strategy for organizing your new Timeline and remember that quality is above speed. You have 2 weeks to go!


Moderating Entries in Photo, Text and Video Contests

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Stay updated! Visit this blogpost about entries management and check this tutorial of how to manage the participants of a promotion.

To foster the loyalty of users on social networks it is important to control the quality of promotional contests. The administrator should have access to tools to control content as well as the users who enter the contest. To do this administrators have some features that give them more control over the users who take part and vote: country filter system, advanced voting system, greater control over the contents that are uploaded for the photo, video and text contests, and the possibility to receive notifications on their email with the latest users registered. These features apply to both Premium and White Label promotions.


All entries in a Premium or White Label promotion can be closely managed from your administration panel. This means that you can temporarily deactivate (hide) an entry without deleting it (an action which cannot be undone).

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Feature: Filter Promotions by Country

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Do you want to organize a contest or sweepstakes for your online community but you want to be able to limit the promotion to a certain country or countries? Use the feature to restrict participation in your promotions by country so that only those who are actually in those countries can sign up. Learn how it works and how to configure it.


Accessing Easypromos promotions and contests from mobile devices

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Currently, over 350 million users access Facebook each month via mobile devices, and this number is growing. Here at Easypromos we are well aware of this trend, and ever since Facebook launched its new platform for mobile devices last October we have been working to develop mobile device support for the application.