Ideas for incorporating Twitter and Instagram in Facebook promotions
10 contest ideas instagram and twitter

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Without a doubt, Facebook is still the most popular social network, but if you complement it with other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, you can expand the reach of your promotion even further. In this post we have a look at what these other exciting networks can offer and how you can take advantage of them.


Tiled Gallery for Photo, Video and Writing-based Contests
tiled public gallery

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Are you planning on organizing a writing or story contest to encourage your fans to show off their literary side? Would you like to organize a micro-story contest in Twitter? Would you like to find out who of your fans is the most talented writer? Or would you like your participants to be able to upload photos and videos as well? In this post we introduce the newly designed tiled gallery template, which now allows different types of entries – photos, texts and videos – to be displayed together in the same gallery.


Text, Photo and Video Contests Integrated with Twitter and Instagram

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Would you like to carry out a giveaway where users can participate with a tweet? Or maybe you want to run a Photo Contest where people participate through Instagram? Or do you simply want to create a gallery of photos and videos linked by a #hashtag? All this can be done with our Twitter and Instagram integrations. Learn how to create online contests and campaigns in which users participate with content generated on their social media profiles. Such promotions allow users to easily take part in your contest, they’re also fantastic to make your brand go viral!


12 ideas to help you carry out Successful Video Contests
ideas video contest

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Until recently, video-based contests posed certain problems for both promotion organizers and entrants, particularly at the point of participation in the contest. However, most of these obstacles have been steadily overcome and there are now more advantages than ever to carrying out this type of contest. Videos are, together with photos, the most viral and oft-consumed media content on the social networks. The power of visual content is unquestionable and there is no doubt that its supremacy continues to grow throughout the sphere of online communication.


All you need to know about apps in the new design for Facebook Pages

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Last March Facebook announced a change in the design of its Pages for businesses and enterprises. As of June 13 2014 the new design will be applied to all pages. In this post we analyze the new features and look at the implications for applications installed in the pages. Finally we give you a series of tips and recommendations for getting the most out of the new design. You will see that it’s very beneficial in drawing the attention of your fans to the applications.


Group promotions: How to Organize a Campaign with Multiple Promotions
Promotions Groups

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Are you planning on organizing a week-long promotional action on your Facebook Page with a different prize raffled each day? Would you like to create a quiz in which a new question is asked every day? Do you want to launch multiple promotions based on the same theme and group them together on a single screen? In this post we explain how you can prepare these sorts of actions using Promotions Groups – a feature that enables you to display a collection of promotions on the same screen, forming a single promotional campaign.


Video contests synchronized with Dropbox: news, features and ideas
dropbox integration video contest

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Would you like to create a video contest in which users can upload files directly from their smartphone or PC? Would you like to have access to the original videos? Would you like to be able to upload the videos from the contest to your YouTube channel? In this post we explain how you can do all this synchronizing your account with Dropbox.


How to create a Facebook contest with texts and stories | Easypromos
Facebook contest based on text

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If you’d like to organize a promotion on your Facebook Page in which fans can comment on a product, share an experience they’ve had or contribute a phrase or short story, then set up a text-based Facebook contest. These types of promotions are popular with users because they require less time and effort than other kinds. Even so, users’ entries can still be published and are capable of generating great virality.


Mailchimp Integration: automatically import the contest participants into your list of subscribers | Easypromos
easypromos integration with mailchimp (1)

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Carrying out social media contests via apps is an effective way of increasing brand awareness and reach, but it can also be an excellent way of generating leads thanks to the collection of data of participating users. One of the most important pieces of data that can be obtained is the users’ email addresses which can later be used to import into the CRMs or newsletter lists. In this post we explain how Easypromos can be integrated with the email list administration system, Mailchimp, and we explain how to automatically sync and import the promotion participants into a list of Mailchimp subscribers.


Why Facebook Contests Should Form Part of Your Social Media Plan
Facebook contest reasons to be in Social Media Plan

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Promotions and Facebook contest have now become key elements in a brand’s social media strategy. And it’s not surprising considering that social networks are, without a doubt, the best method for establishing a dialogue with your followers. Facebook is currently the social network with the most users, and the highest level of user interaction. Add to this all the opportunities and benefits you can obtain when carrying out contests, sweepstakes and promotions, and it becomes clear why this is more than just a trend and why it has become an effective and vital part of any social media strategy.