Accessing Easypromos promotions and contests from mobile devices

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Currently, over 350 million users access Facebook each month via mobile devices, and this number is growing. Here at Easypromos we are well aware of this trend, and ever since Facebook launched its new platform for mobile devices last October we have been working to develop mobile device support for the application.


4 Original Ideas for your Facebook Christmas Campaigns
Facebook Christmas campaigns

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Giveaways are always popular on Facebook – and even more so at Christmas, the season of giving. Pick an enticing prize and create a fun Christmas challenge to maximize engagement with your followers. Here are 4 creative and original ideas to get you started!


New Viral System of Invitations in Easypromos

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Facebook is a social and dynamic platform that continually adapts to new technologies and new user behavior. For this purpose Facebook constantly renews its tools to give users a better experience of the platform. At Easypromos we are also in a continuous state of evolution, constantly adapting and renewing our products in response to the new possibilities and tools that Facebook offers, enabling administrators to create better contests and promotions for their users.

Now we have added a new viral system for Easypromos and a more modern and flexible invitation management engine, which allows administrators to:

  1. Generate more visibility for promotions and contests
  2. Take advantage of the viral capacity of the Like button
  3. Generate more relevant wall posts
  4. Increase the number of invitations per user
  5. Have access to more statistical information about the invitations
  6. Enhance the acceptance rates of permissions in Facebook

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Types of promotions and contests on Facebook with Easypromos

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Stay updated! Visit our website to learn all the features.

In this post we present the different types of promotions and contests that you can create with our platform. For each of these we provide a brief description, an online demo for you to replicate the user’s experience, tutorials to help you set up the promotion more easily, a variety of case studies, and plenty of other material you will find useful. Also, bear in mind that many of these features can be combined or added on, such as the tool for randomly selecting the winner. Discover all the different types of promotions below:

Promotions with a direct prize and sweepstakes1. Promotions with a direct prize and sweepstakes
This type of promotion has the following structure: A landing in which the promotion is explained. An entry form in which the user fills his or her personal information and answers the questions set by the administrator. A page on which the user is thanked for his/her participation and invited to share the promotion with friends.

Upon filling in the entry form, the user can receive a prize directly or they can be entered into a draw. Easypromos provides a tool that allows you to select the winners of the promotion randomly, as well as alternative winners. In this way, the tool provides a certificate of validity for the sweepstakes that have been carried out randomly using the Easypromos platform.


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How to increase your Facebook fans by 50.000 in 10 hours

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As social media is constantly changing, so is the way businesses interact with their customers online. The Facebook fan page has become a very important channel to increase engagement and loyalty.  And let’s be honest, brands love showing off their number of fans. It has become the Klout score for businesses, together with the Twitter followers of course.


Easypromos White Label Promotions: How they Work and the Advantages they Offer
Benefits White Label promotions

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White Label version is the most complete Easypromos product: It gathers all features available in the Premium version but, additionally, it has its own features which differentiate White Label products from the rest. In this post we explain what the unique features of White Label promotions are, as well as the benefits they offer. Discover all the features and compare them with Basic and Premium versions in our comparative table.


How to create a photo contest on Facebook with Easypromos (Part 1)
concurso fotos

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One of the most effective and popular promotions in Easypromos is the photo contest with votes. Such contests, if well managed, provide a way of increasing the number of fans, the virality of a Page, the brand awareness on social media and the activity among followers of a Page.


Configuring the Easypromos registration form
custom entry form

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Users take part in an Easypromos promotion by filling in a registration form. This form can be configured by the administrator from the promotion administration panel. In this post we explain how to set up and customize the registration form of a promotion or contest.


Why You Should Share Promotional Codes with your Facebook Followers
Coupons promotional codes Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. And promotional codes are a classic marketing strategy that consumers love! So in this post, we’ll explain how to combine the two. Learn about all the different ways you can share coupons with your Facebook followers, and create a virally successful campaign.


How to manage competitions: public voting

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At Easypromos we have found that one of the types of promotion that is most effective in gaining fans is the contest with votes. We also know that voting can be the source of many complaints.