Tiled Gallery Layout to Present Photos in the Contest Gallery

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One of the most important aspects of a photo contest are the images sent by participants and published in the photo gallery. This photo gallery becomes the entry point, where users can access the contest to see and vote for their friends’ photos. The gallery enables users to comfortably see the entries and then, with one simple click, vote for the photo they like the best.


Embed and Display your Promotion in Any Website with Easypromos Widgets
Easypromos Widgets

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Would you like to embed the promotion into your website or blog? Would you like your users to enter the contest directly from your microsite? Or do you simply wish to give your campaign more visibility and diffusion out of social media channels? We introduce you to the Easypromos widgets, which enable you to embed and display the promotion on any website, blog or online store, and let users register directly from there.


How to create an advanced photo contest on Facebook with Easypromos (Part 2)
Easypromos advanced photo contest

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This is the second part of the tutorial for creating a photo contest with Easypromos. In the first part we explained the essential steps and basic options for setting up a contest. In this post we will look at the advanced settings offered by the Premium and White Label platforms to enable a more efficient management of photo contests. We also give details of the additional features and tools which can be incorporated into advanced contests organized with Easypromos.


5 merry and bright Christmas giveaway ideas for social media
Christmas giveaways on social media

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Christmas is just around the corner. And as we celebrate peace, generosity, and goodwill, it’s a wonderful time to reach out to your followers with Christmas giveaways on social media. Here’s 5 Christmas giveaway ideas for every social network – plus one extra Christmas promotion to bring them all together.


Infographic: How to prevent fraud in your Facebook contests

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After over 300,000 promotions, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge in how to efficiently manage Facebook promos and contests. Up to this experience, we are able to share this infographic, which both summarizes the main bad practices in contests and offers you solutions via Easypromos’ anti-fraud techniques.


The complete guide to controlling fraud in voting and recruiting contests
Guide to controlling fraud

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In this guide we’ll show you all the mechanisms and options for controlling and minimizing fraud in voting and recruitment contests. We’ll analyze the common scenarios of bad practices that can occur in these types of contests and explain the techniques that Easypromos offers to prevent them. If you would prefer to see a quick, illustrated summary of this guide then go to our infographic: ‘How to prevent fraud in your Facebook contests.’


How to create Instant Win promotions on Facebook
Instant Win Easypromos

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Do you have various prizes to give away and want your users to know immediately if they have won? In all versions of Easypromos you now have the opportunity to create an ‘Instant Win’ promotion on your Facebook page. Surprise your fans with a contest in which only those lucky enough to enter during the period you’ve defined as a ‘winning moment’ will win a prize. Below we will explain how it works and reveal all the options available, as well as give you recommendations on how to create your ‘Instant Win’ on your Facebook page.


Application to create sweepstakes and export comments and likes from a Facebook post
Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes App

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Do you want to run a promotion directly from your Page’s timeline? Do you want to hold a sweepstakes among all the users who like one of your posts? Do you want to give a prize to whoever correctly answers your questions on Facebook? Or do you simply wish to export data on users who participate in your posts to Excel? We offer you a tool that allows you to manage those who interact with your timeline posts, and to carry out a sweepstakes for all those who comment on or like your posts.


How to create a category-based contest on Facebook
Category-based contests on Facebook

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Are you thinking about launching a contest on your Facebook page? With Easypromos Premium and White Label versions you can now create photo, video or short story category-based contests. For example, if you organize a photo contest, create as many categories as you need (landscapes, sports, animals, etc.) and let the user decide in which category he wants to participate. By publishing the image gallery of the contest, users will be able to filter the entries by category to see and vote the photo they want. We give you some practical ideas about how to use this functionality in your contests on Facebook.


How to do a survey on Facebook with Easypromos

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Would you like to discover your customers tastes and habits? Do you want to measure customer satisfaction? You are about to launch a new product and want to discover if it’s going to be successful? With Easypromos Surveys you’ll be able to carry out a market research on your Facebook page and get your customers’ feedback to know their preferences and discover what they think about your brand. Easypromos Surveys are visually attractive, fast to answer and will allow you to obtain useful information to make decisions in your company. You’ll have your Survey ready and published in less than 10 minutes. In this post we explain you what are the benefits of carrying out a survey on your page and how Easypromos surveys work.