20 Reasons to Run Instagram Giveaways with Easypromos
Instagram giveaways with Easypromos

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Now, we don’t usually like to blow our own trumpet. But we know that brands love working with the Easypromos platform. It’s secure, transparent, professional, and full of extra features and benefits. So we’ve rounded up the top 20 reasons why you should use Easypromos for Instagram giveaways.


5 Winter Facebook Giveaways to Beat the Blues

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Apart from the holidays, winter is not our favorite season. The air is cold, the sky is grey, and summer holidays seem very far away. But you can brighten up your social media with winter Facebook giveaways! Make yourself a hot drink, and let’s get started.


How to Get Your First Thousand Instagram Followers
increase Instagram followers

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Instagram is the latest social media success story, with over 1 billion users. It’s become the platform of choice to showcase products and share updates with your customer base. But if you’re just getting started, it can seem overwhelming! Follow these steps to increase engagement and reach the 1000-follower milestone.


7 Twitter Giveaway Ideas to Make Your Brand Go Viral
Twitter giveaway

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2018 has been the year of Twitter’s comeback. It’s time to take this social network seriously – but how? Here are 7 ways to run a Twitter competition, tailored for 7 different marketing objectives.


How to run a Halloween giveaway on YouTube
Halloween giveaway on YouTube

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Halloween is almost here. Soon the streets will be filled with spooky decorations and trick-or-treaters. Have you started planning your costume yet? Here at Easypromos, we’re getting a head start with some spine-chilling suggestions for Halloween promotions on YouTube.


Energize Your Promotions with Emoji

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What do Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all have in common? Well, they’re all social networks – but they stand out for their speed and visual focus. It’s more important than ever to share your marketing message with images, not just text. Let’s talk about adding emoji to your promotions.


How to announce winners of a giveaway with Instagram Stories
Use Instagram Stories to announce winners

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Instagram Stories can be a vital tool for publicizing promotions. They boost reach, gain followers and increase engagement. So why not use them to announce winners of contests and giveaways?


Run a World Cup Betting Pool on Twitter to Energize Your Profile
Betting Pool on Twitter

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Lots of businesses are making the most of the World Cup in their online marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Let yourself get carried away by World Cup fever and take advantage of the fact that during the tournament, soccer fans are likely to be more active on social media than ever. There’ll never be a better time to woo soccer fans, make them fall for your brand and become loyal followers. One of the simplest ways of pulling this off is to launch a World Cup betting pool on Twitter. Twitter is probably the social network most commonly used by soccer fans to share their thoughts on the matches as they take place. So, lay down a challenge to soccer fans on Twitter, offer them a reward and invite them to take part in your betting pool. Read on to find out everything you need to know about World Cup betting pools!