Hashtags on Instagram are changing: what you need to know
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On 30th January of 2018, Facebook announced a change to the Instagram API, coming up on December 11th. The API is the tool which allows apps to collect photos or videos with a specific hashtag from public Instagram profiles. We use it, for example, in Instagram hashtag contests. But that tool is about to be disabled. Here’s what you need to know.


Analyze promotions with Advanced Statistics and improve your ROI
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Promotions and giveaways are always popular online, especially on social media. But how can you measure their effect? Let’s look at the statistics, charts, and filters you can use to measure your success with Easypromos. Find out how, when, and where users interact with your promotions.


7 Effective Examples of an Instagram Winter Giveaway

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Instagram is always in fashion – and with the arrival of colder weather, brands and users are getting into winter style. The flexibility and free schedules of the long summer days are replaced with cosy fashion, hygge and warmth of home. So how can you join in the trend to promote your brand?


How to Run a Simultaneous Giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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Social media is at the center of every brand’s marketing strategy. And giveaways are a key tool to increase and engage followers online. So here’s the natural next step: a giveaway which unites users from across different social networks. Let’s look at how to get the most out of this new feature.


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Instagram Contests
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The Instagram hustle is real. You want more followers, more comments, more likes, more everything – and you want it now. You’re in luck.


20 Reasons to Run Instagram Giveaways with Easypromos
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Now, we don’t usually like to blow our own trumpet. But we know that brands love working with the Easypromos platform. It’s secure, transparent, professional, and full of extra features and benefits. So we’ve rounded up the top 20 reasons why you should use Easypromos for Instagram giveaways.


5 Winter Facebook Giveaways to Beat the Blues

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Apart from the holidays, winter is not our favorite season. The air is cold, the sky is grey, and summer holidays seem very far away. But you can brighten up your social media with winter Facebook giveaways! Make yourself a hot drink, and let’s get started.


How to Get Your First Thousand Instagram Followers
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Instagram is the latest social media success story, with over 1 billion users. It’s become the platform of choice to showcase products and share updates with your customer base. But if you’re just getting started, it can seem overwhelming! Follow these steps to increase engagement and reach the 1000-follower milestone.


7 Twitter Giveaway Ideas to Make Your Brand Go Viral
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2018 has been the year of Twitter’s comeback. It’s time to take this social network seriously – but how? Here are 7 ways to run a Twitter competition, tailored for 7 different marketing objectives.


Quick spring giveaway ideas to help your brand bloom on social media
Quick spring giveaway ideas

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Spring sometimes gets lost amid the hustle and bustle of other festivals – like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and fashion week. But the change in seasons always marks a shift in customer attitudes that you can’t afford to ignore. Shoppers are on the search for new looks, new home décor, new activities and new experiences. And the best way to give them what they want? A quick spring giveaway on social media.