Run a World Cup Betting Pool on Twitter to Energize Your Profile
Betting Pool on Twitter

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Lots of businesses are making the most of the World Cup in their online marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Let yourself get carried away by World Cup fever and take advantage of the fact that during the tournament, soccer fans are likely to be more active on social media than ever. There’ll never be a better time to woo soccer fans, make them fall for your brand and become loyal followers. One of the simplest ways of pulling this off is to launch a World Cup betting pool on Twitter. Twitter is probably the social network most commonly used by soccer fans to share their thoughts on the matches as they take place. So, lay down a challenge to soccer fans on Twitter, offer them a reward and invite them to take part in your betting pool. Read on to find out everything you need to know about World Cup betting pools!


Inspire Your Online Community With a World Cup Instagram Sweepstakes
World Cup Instagram sweepstakes

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The World Cup is here and plenty of companies are already making the most of it by launching World Cup-related online marketing campaigns. Soccer fans are more active on social media during the World Cup than at any other time, thirsty for news about their favorite teams and eager to discuss the matches and debate events as they transpire. And of course, soccer fans are also more likely to be attracted by World Cup-related free gifts and promotions. There’s no doubt that during this tournament, fans are even more in love with ‘the beautiful game’ than usual, so there’s no better time to surprise them with a soccer sweepstakes. In this post we’re going to look at how to launch a World Cup Instagram sweepstakes to inspire your community. ?


A Simple Trick For Obtaining The Data Of Winners Of An Instagram Sweepstakes
Data Of Winners Of An Instagram Sweepstakes

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So, your sweepstakes is over and you have your winners and alternates. All you have to do now is ask them for the information you need to send them a prize. How can you do this? Instagram makes it very easy for you to launch sweepstakes with high levels of engagement, but the platform does have its limitations, particularly in terms of communicating with your community and obtaining information from winners. Do you want to show how professional your brand is in all aspects of the sweepstakes? Do you want to save yourself work? Then read on for some tips, tricks and tools!


The Hows and Whys of Launching a World Cup Giveaway on Twitter

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The World Cup provides the perfect opportunity to give a boost to your online marketing. Contests and sweepstakes are always a great option for digital marketing campaigns, but during global sporting events like the World Cup, they become even more powerful tools. And if you run them through your social media channels, the sky’s the limit! Twitter is, without a doubt, one of the most-used social networks for commenting on and discussing sporting events as they happen. Let us show you how to get the most out of your World Cup-related Twitter sweepstakes.


Ideas For An Effective Discount Coupon Giveaway on Instagram
discount coupons on Instagram

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Instagram is the fastest growing social network. It now has more users than Twitter and is catching up to Facebook. The power that Instagram gives images and videos makes this application an extremely useful tool for visual marketing. It is now an important advertising platform for businesses. So, it’s of no surprise at all to us that marketers are increasingly devising exclusive sweepstakes and contests for Instagram, as well as discount coupon giveaways. Giving away promotional codes and vouchers to users can be of great benefit to your business. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips for carrying out this strategy successfully. Read on!


Use Sweepstakes to Boost Conversion Rates of Your Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns
Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns

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The main goal of Facebook Lead Ads campaigns is to provide companies and brands with a database of qualified users. These users might have the ideal characteristics to receive an e-book, be subscribed to a newsletter or test a product. The value of each lead is decided by the organization itself and based on the needs of the company. Why not maximize the potential of this advertising format? Below we give you some tips on how to improve the conversion of your Facebook Lead Ads by combining them with sweepstakes and thus improving the CTR. Ready?


Advantages of a Prediction App in your Social Media Strategy

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Using a prediction app in your social media is a clever strategy. By using a system of polling you will increase engagement, traffic and publicity for your social media. Here are some reasons why a prediction app is a great idea.


Ways To Restrict Contest Participants By Their Location
Restrict Contest Participants By Their Location

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Contests and Sweepstakes are a proven and enjoyable way to build and reward your following whether you are catering to an international, national or local audience. With all the benefits that come with social media sharing, it only makes sense to conduct these campaigns online where exposure can be amplified.
In this fashion, people from anywhere in the world can enter your contest if you don’t have the right controls in place. This can lead to embarrassment, headaches and extra costs when it comes time to pick your winners and fulfill your prizes. This article discusses how you can avoid these types pitfalls and how to tighten up your entry requirements.


What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How Can You Create a Successful Campaign With Them?
facebook lead ads

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Advertising on Facebook continues to evolve, providing new ways of reaching your target audience. Each day brings flexible new options that adapt to the needs of companies and brands. One of the most versatile of all advertising models is that of Facebook Lead Ads. If you don’t know what they are or how to integrate them into your Online Marketing strategy, keep reading. Below, we outline the most essential tips for ensuring that your next campaign is a success.


How to Adapt to the New Instagram Algorithm
Instagram algorithm

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In March 2016 Instagram announced a change in its algorithm from chronological to algorithmic. This change had not really been noticeable until quite recently. Since the new algorithm was launched in the second quarter of 2016, it is estimated that a profile’s content is only reaching an average of 10% of its followers. In this article we’re going to look closer at what this change means for brands and how sweepstakes can help deal with this new algorithm. We’ll also give you some extra tips for adapting to the algorithm.