Create an Advent Calendar to Delight Your Followers This Christmas

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Do you remember Advent Calendars from your childhood? The thrill of opening a new door each day, to see the tiny picture, toy or chocolate hidden inside? With our templates, you can create an online Advent Calendar to delight your followers and spread some Christmas cheer. Here’s how…


5 Keys to Creating a Successful Recruiters Contest

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Since Facebook changed its rules in November 2014, forbidding organizers from forcing users to become fans in order to participate in a promotion, online campaigns aimed at increasing fan numbers have redirected their strategies towards obtaining leads for subsequent marketing actions. The Recruiters Contest is the most efficient method of achieving this. In this dynamic, users can opt for the prize only if they manage to get their friends to participate too. This simple but effective dynamic will permit you to extend the reach of the promotion, which the participants themselves will take on the job of viralizing and sharing! However, to ensure success and achieve the expected results, there are a series of steps you should follow. Let us take you through these now.


Amplify Your Organic Facebook Reach By Over 1000% [video included]
Amplify Organic Facebook Reach

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As a Facebook manager among Brand pages are you tired of seeing a flat line in your Facebook Insights graph. Well you are not alone. Ever since Facebook went to their ‘pay to play’ model it can get pretty lonely publishing posts on your business page timeline. 


3 Facebook Sweepstakes that Bring On Engagement
3 Facebook Sweepstakes that Bring On Facebook Engagement

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Giveaways on Facebook are a great way to gain exposure and grow your business on social. In this post we’ll show you 3 ways to massively engage your audience without having to invest equally massive amounts of money.


Best Practices for keeping your sweepstakes and contests legal and compliant
best practices sweepstakes contest legal

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Here are the basic differences between sweepstakes and contests that you should know if you are considering running either of them. Our guest writer Donna DeClemente, from American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, clarifies the differences between them.


Three Mistakes That Sunk Your Start-Up
start-up mistakes

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Whenever I see a bombastic title like the one above I expect to read a sensationalist prescription devoid of content. So, to keep this article on an even keel, and to avoid any distracting detours, I’ll focus on the example of a project I set up in 2005 called nuestraporra.com. It was a platform for running betting pools online and it lasted just two years. After carrying out a digital autopsy of NuestraPorra, I realized that its failure was down to three main mistakes which I have kept at the forefront of my mind ever since.


How to Register Trade Show Participants Using a Single Tablet or Device
How to Register Trade Fair Participants Using a Single Tablet or Device

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Perhaps your company is attending a trade show and you’d like to make the most of the occasion by carrying out a sweepstakes among all those who visit your stand. Or maybe you’re planning to organize an event and you’d like to reward people for their attendance by entering them into a sweepstakes. Organizing a survey or sweepstakes can be an excellent way of attracting visitors to your stand or event, and at the same time you obtain their data so you can communicate with them after the event. The most important tool for carrying out these types of promotions is a tablet with an internet connection where the participants can register. In this post we explain how you can prepare both the application and the device for the occasion and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


My contest isn’t as successful as I’d hoped. What can I do?
How To Improve Contest

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There are three key moments for every online promotion or contest organizer. In this article you’ll find out what these moments are. You’ll also learn what to do if you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for.


Objectives of brands when organizing contests and promotions on the social networks
Objective brands when organizing promotions and contests

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Organizing contests and promotions across the social networks is a marketing tool currently used by all businesses and brands. Thanks to the proliferation of social networks, brands have found a highly-effective means of developing promotional actions. However, the success of a promotion undoubtedly depends on many factors, such as creativity, the promotion mechanic, the implementation, the prize awarded, and the investment in diffusion. But there is one factor which stands above all these and that is present in all the most successful contests and promotions: defining goals.


4 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping Facebook Timeline Contests in 2016
2016 Trends Shaping Facebook contests

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Best Practices for Going Beyond the “Like” to Fan and Follower Engagement

As the digital marketing industry looks ahead into 2016, we are finding the Facebook promotion landscape much changed. Initiating in 2013, when Facebook change its rules and enabled contests to be managed directly on the wall or page rather than Facebook app, brands began to evolve the way they measure the success of their Facebook page. Rather than counting the number of “Likes” or fans of a page, companies and brands began to interact through Facebook contests and promotions, growing their audiences through social media through quality relationships with users in the online world.