Lead Nurturing Strategies with Promo Codes for Enhancing the Relationship with your Audience
Lead nurturing strategies with promotional codes

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Visits to your website are increasing and your social media network continues to grow, but all this hard work doesn’t appear to be reflected in your sales. You can’t seem to take full advantage of all the effort that you’ve put into lead generation via the various campaigns you’ve implemented. Your leads are not making purchases in your online and physical stores. Here’s a question… Are you talking to your community?


Inbound Marketing Contests or how to get information without asking for it
Inbound Marketing Contests

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Studies about social media in Spain have found that one in four survey respondents follow brands and participate frequently in contests. In addition, users say that one of the reasons they follow a brand on social media is because they want to keep up with the brand’s news. Another important reason is that they want to participate in sweepstakes, discounts and contests.


The most effective prizes for Inbound Marketing contests
prizes for Inbound Marketing contests

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We’ve already mentioned that the cornerstones of an Inbound Marketing strategy are: attracting traffic to your website, converting them into contacts, nurturing the contacts and impacting on them with appropriate content and actions until they become your customers. Your long-term goal is to establish a lasting relationship with these contacts – one in which they feel special. But to begin with, you don’t want to attract just any kind of traffic, right? Or are you happy to go to the trouble of launching campaigns and managing loads of data and contact details of users who aren’t really the target audience of your brand?


How to Integrate Contest Data with your CRM

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Imagine a world in which you have all the information you need for your Inbound Marketing strategies. A world in which the online side of your customer base is connected to the offline side so you can obtain a 360º view of your customers. You want it? You’ve got it!


How to Promote an Inbound Marketing Strategy Using Surveys
inbound marketing strategy using surveys

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For some time now we’ve been talking about Inbound Marketing on our blog, and about how you can use a tool like Easypromos to complement your inbound marketing strategy with surveys.


Social Media Promotions: 5 Tips to Stay Out of Trouble
Social Media Promotions: 5 Tips to Stay Out Of Trouble

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Social Media platforms are a quick and easy way to set up prize promotions. However they still need to be run fairly and compliantly, with both local laws and best practices, and the various, often complex rules of the individual social media platforms.


How to run contests, sweepstakes and social media giveaways in Italy

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In Italy, contests and sweepstakes are subject to complex regulations. And you must respect the regulations if you wish to avoid the severe penalties under Italian law. Sonia Travaglini from Promosfera, a specialist Italian agency which organizes contests and sweepstakes, takes us through the steps involved in organizing a promotion in Italy.


How to create your Facebook Live Poll

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Have you heard of live polls with Facebook Reactions as a voting mechanism? These types of promotions use Facebook Live technology to stream a video in which users are presented with a question and a series of options. Participants are then invited to use the reaction feature to vote for their favorite option. Because of the powerful viral effect and organic reach of this type of survey, many pages have begun using it as part of their marketing strategy.


Make Sure you Mind your T&Cs + Top Tips
Mind your T&C

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Behind every great promotion should be a set of Terms and Conditions – they are not just for decoration. Many Disasters have been avoided as a result of having carefully crafted T&C’s and they protect both the promoter and the consumer.


Create an Advent Calendar to Delight Your Followers This Christmas

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Do you remember Advent Calendars from your childhood? The thrill of opening a new door each day, to see the tiny picture, toy or chocolate hidden inside? With our templates, you can create an online Advent Calendar to delight your followers and spread some Christmas cheer. Here’s how…