4 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping Facebook Timeline Contests in 2016
2016 Trends Shaping Facebook contests

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Best Practices for Going Beyond the “Like” to Fan and Follower Engagement

As the digital marketing industry looks ahead into 2016, we are finding the Facebook promotion landscape much changed. Initiating in 2013, when Facebook change its rules and enabled contests to be managed directly on the wall or page rather than Facebook app, brands began to evolve the way they measure the success of their Facebook page. Rather than counting the number of “Likes” or fans of a page, companies and brands began to interact through Facebook contests and promotions, growing their audiences through social media through quality relationships with users in the online world.


Two Years Evolution of Facebook Contests

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More than two years ago, Facebook announced a series of important changes to its Promotions Policy, signaling a dramatic shift in how companies would be able to host promotions through Fa-cebook going forward. The following blog outlines the evolution of promotions on Facebook pages, and offers readers historical perspective, insight, and options for hosting effective Facebook pro-motions going forward.


5 Surefire Ways To Ensure A Facebook Sweepstakes Is Not A Hoax

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It seems like almost daily Facebook friends are forwarding somewhat questionable opportunities to win things if you post a status, like or comment on as part of a sweepstakes/giveaway being posted on a person or company’s Facebook page. Some might be as simple as winning merchandise from a local retail establishment, or as grand as claims that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users for sharing a Facebook status, which is still making its way around this month.


How to carry out a survey and sweepstakes at a trade fair

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Your company has a stand at a well-known trade fair or conference and you want everyone to remember your brand. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your brand, and widen your database quickly and easily, an attractive and groundbreaking promotional action will open the doors to the contacts you are seeking. Organize and carry out a live sweepstakes for attendees and you’ll become the star of the event.


How to Write a Post to Launch a Sweepstakes on Facebook

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Organizing a sweepstakes on the Timeline of your Facebook Page is one of the best ways of increasing interaction and engagement with your followers and giving more visibility to your posts and your brand. It is a highly effective Facebook action and it is also quick and simple to launch: just publish a post on your Facebook Page asking users to take part in the promotion by clicking Like or by commenting on your post. Next, use the Easypromos application to carry out the random sweepstakes and select the winners. In the following article we provide a series of tips for writing and publishing a post to launch a successful Facebook sweepstakes.


Use this free tool for terms & conditions in giveaways and online contests
Tool for creating and hosting terms and conditions for online promotions

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If you run social media giveaways or promotions online, then you have to share terms and conditions with the participants. But what should you include in the terms and conditions? And what’s the best way to host and share them online? Here’s how to use the Easypromos terms and conditions tool to make sure your online contests are within the law.


How to Increase your Social Media Following with My Networks

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In November 2014, Facebook updated its Promotions Guidelines. One of the alterations was to no longer allow companies to oblige participants to ‘like’ a Page in exchange for an incentive or entry in a promotion. This policy change means that instead of requiring users to like your Facebook page, your priority as the promotion administrator should now be to encourage them to follow your brand on social networks. That’s why we launched the My Networks module with the aim of helping brands continue to increase their community of followers. This is available for all hosted promotions and versions of Easypromos and it enables you to encourage users to follow you on your social media channels. Below, we explain how the My Networks module works, and how to make use of it to increase your number of online followers.


5 Keys to Creating a Viral Promotion
5 keys to creating a viral promotion

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We have recently carried out a study to find out if users share their participation when taking part in online promotions. The results of the study have been very revealing: over 54% of users viralize the promotion across at least one social network. But, which factors ensure that users share a campaign online? In this post we outline the 5 keys points that you should keep in mind when creating an effective viral campaign.


How to combine online and offline marketing
combine online and offline marketing

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Combining online and offline marketing is a strategy used more and more frequently by communication professionals. It enables the perfect integration of different channels, taking advantage of the benefits that each affords. By combining these two marketing methods we can obtain a greater probability of success. This is what we are going to analyze in this post, by examining some of the moments at which online and offline marketing come together. This is known as Integrated or Blended Marketing.


Infographic about how users share the online contest they participate in

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Users who participate in online sweepstakes and contests are proactive when it comes to sharing the promotions with their contacts and friends across the social networks. According to data extracted from more than 200 Premium promotions, in which over 140,000 people have taken part, 54.40% of users viralize the promotion link in at least one of the proposed social networks. When contests reward users who manage to convert their friends into participants via the recruiting system, this percentage rises to 99.31%. But even when the promotion doesn’t offer this incentive, an average of 45.76% of users share the promotion link at some point during their participation.