Create promotions and contests in multiple languages with the Multi-language Platform
Promotions and contests with multiple languages

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Does your brand, company or business have customers and followers all over the world? Do your users speak a variety of languages? Do you own a page on Facebook with fans all over the world? If you are running a worldwide business with followers and clients that speak different languages, we present you with the Multi-Language Platform, which will allow you to create a single promotion in multiple languages to provide a unique and personalized experience for your audience.


New Premium Feature: Enter a Contest with a Photo or Video

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In Easypromos we are always adding new features to help administrators create exactly the type of promotion that they need. We know that both photo and video contests are always a success among Facebook users.


Join our Affiliates Program

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Easypromos has grown to be what it today is thanks to all of you who are using our applications and the amazing word to mouth effect that you have created. So we wanted to thank you by giving you the chance to become an Easypromos affiliate. This program is not meant to be used just by agencies but also by any individual who is happy to recommend us. Now you can also be economically compensated for your recommendation.


Set the option to appear in the public list of Easypromos promotions

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One recurring element in the updates and improvements of Easypromos is our aim to offer administrators complete control over their promotions. With this idea in mind, we have launched a new option that permits administrators to decide if they want the promotion to appear in the public list of Easypromos promotions.


Upgraded Easypromos Basic: design templates, increased viral effect and more configuration options

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We have completely renewed Easypromos Basic by adding new functionalities and options so the administrator can create more efficient and attractive promotions on the Facebook Fan Page. The pricing for Basic promotions will be maintained as it is and the first promotion will still be free. The administrator will now benefit from important improvements that we introduce in this post.


Enter Easypromos photo contests from your iPhone

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As of a few months ago Easypromos promotions can be accessed from any mobile device. Up until now there was just one exception: photo contests still could not be accessed from iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Why? Because Apple didn’t allow you to upload a photo via the browser of their operating system. Interestingly, with Android devices it was possible to upload photos.

But now we have good news! With the new mobile operating system, iOS6, it is possible to upload photos from the browser. So thanks to this latest Apple launch, we can safely say that all Easypromos promotions work on mobile devices without exception.


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New Feature: Comments on Promotion Entries

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The more people talk about a promotion, the more likely it is to reach new users. Therefore, with the aim of increasing user interaction in contests and sweepstakes we have added a new feature that allows comments on promotion entries.

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Easypromos recruiting system
recruiting system

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In this post we present the Recruiting System, available with Easypromos Premium and White Label subscription. This Recruiting System allows you to choose the promotion or contest winner based on the number of new participants that the promotion users have obtained.


New design template for Easypromos promotions and contests

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In this post we present the launch of a new design template available for all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label promotions.


Make your promotion a featured Easypromos promotion and gain maximum visibility
featured promotions

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Do you want greater visibility for your promotion? Do you want to reach more potential fans? Do you want maximum exposure for your promotion? In Easypromos we work every day to ensure that the promotions created through the different Easypromos applications – Basic, Premium and White Label – all reach the maximum number of Facebook users.