New Feature: Comments on Promotion Entries

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The more people talk about a promotion, the more likely it is to reach new users. Therefore, with the aim of increasing user interaction in contests and sweepstakes we have added a new feature that allows comments on promotion entries.

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Easypromos recruiting system
recruiting system

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In this post we present the Recruiting System, available with Easypromos Premium and White Label subscription. This Recruiting System allows you to choose the promotion or contest winner based on the number of new participants that the promotion users have obtained.


New design template for Easypromos promotions and contests

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In this post we present the launch of a new design template available for all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label promotions.


Make your promotion a featured Easypromos promotion and gain maximum visibility
featured promotions

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Do you want greater visibility for your promotion? Do you want to reach more potential fans? Do you want maximum exposure for your promotion? In Easypromos we work every day to ensure that the promotions created through the different Easypromos applications – Basic, Premium and White Label – all reach the maximum number of Facebook users.


Easypromos Insights: Analyze how many new users and fans are recruited by participants
Easypromos Inisghts: Recruiters & Likers

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One of the most important phases in the development of a promotion is the results analysis, once the promotion or contest has finished. In Easypromos the administrators can obtain a complete list of participants with all their registration details. They can then measure the total participation in a promotion. What’s more, Easypromos White Label administrators can see the results of a promotion’s impact via statistics from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.


Feature: Filter Promotions by Country

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Do you want to organize a contest or sweepstakes for your online community but you want to be able to limit the promotion to a certain country or countries? Use the feature to restrict participation in your promotions by country so that only those who are actually in those countries can sign up. Learn how it works and how to configure it.


Update of Easypromos Basic: New Viral System and Mobile Support

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Facebook is a dynamic platform, and here at Easypromos we know that we have to adapt to the changes that are introduced in order to take advantage of any new features whilst keeping up to date with the promotions guidelines and continuing to comply 100% with Facebook’s rules and recommendations.

We also know that it’s important to introduce new features so that administrators can create better promotions, sweepstakes and contests, enabling them to attract more new fans and users.

This week we have updated Easypromos Basic. The new version provides the following three enhancements:

  1. New viral system
  2. Support for mobile devices
  3. Fast, scalable platform that is in line with Facebook

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New Viral System of Invitations in Easypromos

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Facebook is a social and dynamic platform that continually adapts to new technologies and new user behavior. For this purpose Facebook constantly renews its tools to give users a better experience of the platform. At Easypromos we are also in a continuous state of evolution, constantly adapting and renewing our products in response to the new possibilities and tools that Facebook offers, enabling administrators to create better contests and promotions for their users.

Now we have added a new viral system for Easypromos and a more modern and flexible invitation management engine, which allows administrators to:

  1. Generate more visibility for promotions and contests
  2. Take advantage of the viral capacity of the Like button
  3. Generate more relevant wall posts
  4. Increase the number of invitations per user
  5. Have access to more statistical information about the invitations
  6. Enhance the acceptance rates of permissions in Facebook

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New Features and Improvements in Easypromos – August/September 2011

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Easypromos is firmly committed to offering Facebook page administrators the best tool for creating and managing promotions.

With this objective in mind, the Easypromos development team have been hard at work this August and September adapting Easypromos to the latest changes introduced by Facebook, while continuing the process of constant improvement that has come to characterize the application.


10 Reasons to Use Easypromos

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Here at Easypromos we continually do our best to try and convey the effectiveness of our application as a promotional tool on Facebook. After looking through the emails, queries and wall messages we have received over the last few months we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why we recommend you use Easypromos. We believe it is a good starting point for anyone who is considering using Easypromos on their Facebook page.