Take the Employee Appreciation Day to Create Sweepstakes
Take the employee appreciation day to create sweepstakes

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Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday in March, and is a great way for bosses to appreciate their staff. Offices generally host parties, give their workers the day off, or organize fun activities for the staff.


How A Writing-Based Contest Can Promote The Read Across America Day
How a writing based contest can promote the read across america day

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Read Across America Day is a perfect day to have a writing based contest as a platform for participants to express themselves as much as possible. There are two mediums on which such participation can happen. These are Twitter and Facebook.


Create a Carnival Costume Contest for Mardi Gras
Carnival costume contest

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It’s time for Carnival – with music, parties, costumes, parades, and treats. Here’s how to bring the color and life of the carnival to your brand marketing strategy.


Create Your Quiz During The President’s Day
Create your quiz during Presidents Day

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This American federal holiday is for celebrating George Washington’s birthday, which is on the 3rd Monday of February. However, people celebrating this occasion usually keep in mind the other presidents as well whose birthday comes in February. You, as a brand, can take this occasion to draft a quiz on George Washington and post it on your social media platforms, blogspot, and website to gain interest from among your followers. You can also host a special contest in light of President’s Day so that more people become excited to enter into the contest and in the process brush up on their history of the American president.


Valentine’s Day contests for word-of-mouth marketing
Valentines day refer a friend contest

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Valentine’s Day is a day when we speak from the heart. So incentivize your customers to spread the word about your brand – with a tempting prize as motivation. Check out these ideas for recruitment and refer-a-friend contests on Valentine’s Day.


How to celebrate a Pancake Day giveaway with your followers
Pancake Day giveaway

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Pancake Day is coming up on March 5th. Here are our sweetest ideas for Mardi Gras giveaways on social media!


Social media giveaways to celebrate Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Giveaways

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Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to promote your brand and get engaged with your customers and online community. Take this chance and convert it into a great marketing campaign, accomplishing not only your marketing objectives but also building relationships with your clients.


Create Your National Wear Red Day Photo Contest

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On every first Friday of February, the American nation colors itself red to show solidarity and unity against heart disease, which is declared as a dangerous malady common in women. National Wear Red Day is celebrated on February 26 in the UK. It was started in 2002 as an emergency wakeup call and to prepare American women against heart disease. This much needed national awareness campaign was started by The Heart Truth.


Viralize The Groundhog Day By Creating A Gallery Of Hashtags
Viralize the groundhog day by creating a gallery of hashtags

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Groundhog Day is coming up! Do you know what this means? Yes, this gives you the perfect opportunity to boost the image of your brand and build brand recall by creating your very own gallery of hashtags. This will be an entirely public gallery where you can import all the images or videos consisting of a specific hashtag and then present it to your audience.


Create your own Oscars Betting Pool
The Oscars

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This time Oscars 2020 will be celebrated in February. This is one of the most exciting, glamorous and highly anticipated nights of the year. How can you tap into the public’s enthusiasm for the event? How about creating your own The Oscars betting pool and challenging your customers and followers to predict who will be the big winners on the night? Your users will have fun making their bets and you can add even more emotion to the contest by raffling off a prize among those who predict correctly.