7 Effective Examples of an Instagram Winter Giveaway

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Instagram is always in fashion – and with the arrival of colder weather, brands and users are getting into winter mode. The flexibility and free schedules of the long summer days are replaced with cosy fashion, hygge and warmth of home. So how can you join in the trend to promote your brand?


Quick ideas to give away tickets for your next event
Quick ideas to give away tickets

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Planning a pop-up, summer festival, conference, concert, party, or exclusive branded event? Giving away tickets is a great way to get attention online and build anticipation before the big day. Here are 6 easy ideas to share tickets with your fans and followers online.


7 Winter Holiday Giveaway Ideas to Boost your Social Media Presence
7 reasons to run a holiday giveaway

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The festive season is one of the most important moments in your marketing calendar. Here’s why you should run online promotions, contests, and giveaways to increase sales, demonstrate your values, and reward loyal customers.


It’s Time to Add Singles’ Day to Your Marketing Calendar
Singles Day promotions marketing campaign

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Did you know about Singles Day? The natural counterpart to St Valentine’s Day, this holiday is increasingly popular in China, the US and the UK. And consumers spend more on Singles Day than Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Join the celebration with these promotion ideas, designed for single people.


Welcome Autumn with These Seasonal Fall Giveaway Ideas
autumn fall giveaway

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Autumn is here: the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Cozy blankets, afternoon walks through crunchy leaves, and everything pumpkin-spiced is back on the menu. We’ve collected promotions which celebrate every aspect of the fall.


How to promote a film online and beat your box office goals
how to promote a film online

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Let’s talk about how to promote a film online. Whether you’re working with a blockbuster action movie or an arthouse indie project, running a local film festival or celebrating a nationwide release, you’ll need to turn social media to your advantage. Bring in viewers, reward fans, and build anticipation with online promotions, contests, and giveaways.


Celebrate Pets with a World Animal Day Promotion
World Animal Day promotion

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World Animal Day is coming up on October 4th. It’s time to celebrate our best friends! Whether you run an animal charity or pet brand, or just have customers who love the natural world, we’ve got plenty of ideas for your World Animal Day promotion. Get a head start with our free resources and templates.


Celebrate Kids and Parents with a Children’s Day Promotion
Childrens Day giveaway

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Children’s Day is a time to celebrate children all over the world. So we’ve collected our favorite ideas for fun promotions! Challenge kids and parents to competitions with photos, videos, songs, coloring, and more. Give away prizes and share the excitement with your audience online.


Quick Spring Giveaway Ideas to Help Your Brand Bloom on Social Media
Quick spring giveaway ideas

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Spring sometimes gets lost amid the hustle and bustle of other festivals – like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and fashion week. But the change in seasons always marks a shift in customer attitudes that you can’t afford to ignore. Shoppers are on the search for new looks, new home décor, new activities and new experiences. And the best way to give them what they want? A quick spring giveaway on social media.


Great Ideas for Oktoberfest Giveaways on Social Media
Oktoberfest giveaways

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Oktoberfest is one of the most popular folk festivals in the world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the original Oktoberfest in Munich. And since other cities around the world also run local celebrations, it’s a great opportunity to run an Oktoberfest giveaway on social media – wherever you are.