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The Best 2022 Father’s Day Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Posted in: Applications,Digital marketing,Ideas for your website

Father’s Day is bigger than ever, largely driven by Millennials who are keen to splash out on celebrating dads. But at the same time, consumers are moving away from tired stereotypes and cringe-worthy gifts. We round up the best Father’s Day promotion ideas – updated for this year.


6 Valentine’s Day Campaign Ideas to Captivate Your Audience
Valentines Day campaign ideas

Posted in: Ideas for your website

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Make the most of this special day of love with a well-planned, well-run campaign – and be sure to follow up with all your leads. Start with these 6 Valentine’s Day campaign ideas to get your marketing started.


5 Merry and Bright Social Media Christmas Giveaway Ideas
Christmas giveaways on social media

Posted in: Digital marketing,Ideas for your website

Christmas is just around the corner. And as we celebrate peace, generosity, and goodwill, it’s a wonderful time to reach out to your followers with Christmas giveaways on social media. Here’s 5 Christmas giveaway ideas for every social network – plus one extra Christmas promotion to bring them all together.


Halloween Quiz Ideas and Templates: Engage Your Audience with Trivia
Halloween quiz and survey apps

Posted in: Ideas for your website

Halloween is fast approaching. It’s one of the most creative holidays in the calendar… And a key moment for brands to engage with consumers. Here’s how to use Halloween quiz promotions and survey questions to learn more about your customers and leads.


How to create Instant Win promotions on Facebook

Posted in: Applications,Ideas for your website

Do you have various prizes to give away and want your users to know immediately if they have won? Create an Instant Win promotion and share it with your social media followers. Surprise your online community with a contest in which only those lucky enough to enter during the period you’ve defined as a ‘winning moment’ win a prize. Below we explain how it works and reveal all the options available, as well as give you recommendations on how to create your ‘Instant Win’.


Boost Your Brand with Audiovisual Content & Contests on Social Media
How to use video in your promotions

Posted in: Ideas for your website

Have you just launched a new promotional video? Would you like it to reach the maximum number of users? Or do you simply wish to improve the presentation of your promotion with audiovisual content? Use the power of online video and combine it with Facebook’s remarkable ability to go viral: in this post we will offer you some ideas and suggestions to present your Facebook page promotions with a video.


Ideas for your Question & Answer Contests: Tips, Advice and Examples

Posted in: Ideas for your website

Do you want to know what your users think about some of your products? Do you want to reward your most loyal consumers? Your company has just launched a video and needs to promote it? Or maybe you just want your online followers to have fun? With Question & Answer contests by Easypromos you will get a better interaction with the audience of your social media channels. Surveys and quizzes are fast, visually appealing and entertaining to use, so you’ll generate better user engagement. If you don’t know how to do it or need some ideas to create your Question and Answer contest, in this post we provide you with some tips and ideas for your online quizzes.


Lovely ideas for your Facebook Valentine’s day campaigns

Posted in: Ideas for your website

February is just around the corner and at Easypromos we are starting to notice an army of red hearts filling up the application windows. As the 14th is approaching and love is in the air, let us share some resources and ideas for your Facebook Valentine’s day campaign.

Stay updated! Visit our ‘Valentine’s Box of Ideas’ with lots of resources: case studies, templates, tips, etc.

1. Create a Question and Answer Quiz

valentine's day quizWhat’s your perfect romantic evening? What’s your best Valentine’s gift? What’s your ideal declaration of love? Where would you like to celebrate the lovers’ day?  What is the most romantic song? Test your fans’ imagination with an entertaining Question and Answer quiz. Let your users run their imagination by answering a series of love-related questions and draw a prize among all the participants.

For example, you can create a test questionnaire where your Facebook fans will be asked to select the answer they prefer to discover what’s their personality like (romantic, funny, etc.) or discover what’s their ideal Valentine’s day like.

See a demo of a Valentine’s Day Quiz

Here we explain in detail how Quizzes (trivia and test questionnaires) with Easypromos work on Facebook. Read more »