Event management apps to find and engage your audience
Apps to promote events

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Conferences, expos, trade shows, team building, work training, masterclasses, workshops, speaking engagements… They all face the same challenge: How do you get people in the room? And how do you engage their attention once they’re there?


10 tips for marketers to create a multiple choice test or personality quiz
create a multiple choice test

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Right now, digital marketing is all about offering a personalized experience, with plenty of entertainment as part of the sales process. Here’s how to build a multiple choice test or personality quiz to charm your followers, learn more about their needs, and serve up tailored product recommendations.


Effective contests: How to avoid barriers to participation
Tips for running effective contests

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One of the main objectives for a brand carrying out a promotion is to obtain the greatest number of participants. Without a doubt, this is one important way of measuring the success of a promotion.


9 ideas for applying promotions groups in your online campaigns
Ideas promotions groups

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Last May Easypromos launched Groups, a feature which enables you to display a group of promotions on the same screen so that they can form part of the same campaign. Now we want to show you some genuine examples of how different brands have used the Groups feature to carry out their campaigns. Sweepstakes with daily prizes, questionnaires with a new question every day and photo contests by categories are just a few examples. In this post you can find out how to use Groups to organize these types of actions.


10 ideas for incorporating Twitter and Instagram in your Facebook contests and promotions
10 contest ideas instagram twitter

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Without a doubt, Facebook is still the most popular social network, but if you complement it with other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, you can expand the reach of your promotion even further. In this post we have a look at what these other exciting networks can offer and how you can take advantage of them.


12 ideas to help you carry out Successful Video Contests
ideas video contest

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Until recently, video-based contests posed certain problems for both promotion organizers and entrants, particularly at the point of participation in the contest. However, most of these obstacles have been steadily overcome and there are now more advantages than ever to carrying out this type of contest. Videos are, together with photos, the most viral and oft-consumed media content on the social networks. The power of visual content is unquestionable and there is no doubt that its supremacy continues to grow throughout the sphere of online communication.


Facebook Contests – Last Minute Ideas for World Cup 2018
last minute ideas for World Cup

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Next June 14th the Russia World Cup starts. Take advantage of this event to organize a promotional action on your Facebook Page and interact with your followers. Challenge your fans to predict the winner of the competition, or if you prefer, organize a photo or video contest to discover how your fans support their national team. Based on our current offer of promotions we have decided to share some ideas that will help you energize your page and connect with your fans taking advantage of the 2018 World Cup.


20 tips for promoting your Facebook contests
20 tips to promote contests

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The majority of successful promotions, sweepstakes and contests in Facebook are responsive to a studied promotion and dissemination strategy. In the following post we’ll give you some tips to help you develop your communication plan and reach as many people as possible.


Ideas for April and May: essentials for a textbook-perfect promotion
ideas contest april may

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April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day; May 1 is International Workers’ Day. In many countries, Mothers’ Day is also celebrated in May. Do you have any promotions planned for these months? With so many important days coming up, there should be plenty of ways to turn one into an idea for a promotion that will excite your fans. Here at Easypromos, we’d like to offer you some hints and tips regarding the best way to organize your contest or promotion more effectively.


Halloween Promotions: How to Increase and Reward Followers

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Halloween is fast approaching, and it’s one of the most creative holidays in the calendar. Costumes, parties, decorations, and bakes are being planned weeks or even months in advance! It’s a key moment for brands to engage with consumers through promotions and contests.