How to Attract Clients with Discount Codes for Cinema Tickets

Carles Bonfill
This is a case study of the movie-theater chain, Yelmo Cines, which organized a promotion across the social networks to reward the loyalty of its clients. The promotion consisted in awarding each participant with a discount code redeemable for a discounted cinema ticket. Below we explain what the campaign involved, its principal challenge and the final results.

The client

yelmo cines

Yelmo Cines is a leading company in the Spanish cinema sector, with over 400 screens. Its 37 locations provide the biggest screens and most up-to-date technology for watching movies. Concerned with the comfort of their clients, Yelmo Cines movie theaters offer total visibility. Their seats are laid out on tiers so that nobody gets between the spectator and the movie. The most advanced projection and sound systems ensure that all the theaters and screens offer a top-class entertainment experience.

The campaign

The “Saturday Fan” campaign was a coupon campaign looking to convert fans of the cinema’s Facebook Page into paying customers. The promotional codes campaign began on January 30 and lasted until February 7. During this time, users obtained their special discounts by registering on the cinema’s Facebook Page.

coupon promotion

After sharing their information in the registration form, participants received a promo code redeemable for a discount in the movie theater, enabling them to obtain a ticket for just 5€, plus a 2×1 option on the medium popcorn menu.

For greater convenience, the participants received the discount codes via email.

Also, one day before being able to redeem the discount, the user received a reminder email.

The challenge

The main objective of the campaign was to reward clients and consumers of Yelmo Cines with a discount. Another objective was to reach possible new clients and attract them to Yelmo movie theaters. Participants could enjoy their discount coupon on the day specified by the organizer: ‘FAN Saturday’.

The challenge also consisted of ensuring that the distribution of the unique codes worked perfectly via smartphone so that participants could redeem the discount code quickly and easily with their mobile devices. When buying the ticket, users could display their code directly on the screen of their smartphone.

The solution

The Promotional Codes system assigned a unique code to each participant after they completed the registration form embedded on Facebook. The promotional code came with tools enabling the user to print and download it as a PDF, thus facilitating the redeeming process.

The Emails Platform automated communications via email with participants of the promotion. Specifically, two messages were programmed to be sent:

  • An automatic message to each registered user with the uniquely-assigned promotional code. It permitted participants to save the code in their email inbox.
  • An automatic message to all registered users one day before the end of the promotion, reminding them of their promotional code.

The promotion was published on the Facebook Page of Yelmo Cines, and also promoted via other channels available to the company, particularly WhatsApp and Twitter, which used the hashtag #SaturdayFan to dynamize the action.

distribute coupon final page

The outcome

  • A total of 19,830 people registered.
  • 7,000 new fans for the Yelmo Cines Facebook Page.
  • More than 50% of participation was via mobile devices, a very positive figure.
  • The ease of use of the Promotional Codes system ensured it was simple to assign a unique code to each participant. The promotional codes were pre-loaded into the system which then automatically assigned a unique code to each participant as they completed their sign-up.
  • The emails platform automatically sent messages to:
    • Maintain fluid communication with participants.
    • Provide a personalized experience for each participant.
    • Boost engagement with the followers and clients of the brand.


“It’s a pleasure using the Easypromos solution to carry out promotions, thanks to its ease of use, and the quickness with which promotions can be prepared and launched. With this promotion, we were lucky to count on the continual support of the Easypromos team. The feature of personalized email sending is perfect and it was great in helping us communicate with our participants, both during and after the promotion.

The “responsive” development of the contests, which ensures that users can easily participate from any device, also facilitated participation greatly, as over 50% of users took part via mobile devices.

Finally, viralization via networks such as WhatsApp and Line ensured that the promotion reached even further than we could have imagined.”

Javier Saura

Yelmo Cines