Optimize the promotion design for the new Timeline

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From April 1, 2012 Facebook will change all pages to Timeline display mode. This change opens up a whole new horizon for Easypromos design. As we noted in our last post, Easypromos is now 100% compatible with the new Timeline. But what’s more, we have been updating our platform in order to provide new opportunities for customization, making full use of all the options offered by Facebook’s new design. The first of these adaptations is the chance to add customized backgrounds to your promotions. This option is available for all Easypromos versions. [See real example of a promotion with customized background images]


Insight on the new Facebook Timeline for brands

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We have seen brands and agencies panic about the incorporation of a Timeline to the Facebook Fan Pages and now that it has finally arrived we would like to inform you about the most important changes. But first of all, we would like to give all of you the top tips: Do not rush into publishing the Timeline for your page/s. It looks like there is a contest on who will be the first to implement the new features, mostly big brands. Also media pressure was present, offering great coverage for the leaders. However, we can assure you that it is better to have a good strategy for organizing your new Timeline and remember that quality is above speed. You have 2 weeks to go!


Moderating Entries in Photo, Text and Video Contests

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Stay updated! Visit this blogpost about entries management and check this tutorial of how to manage the participants of a promotion.

To foster the loyalty of users on social networks it is important to control the quality of promotional contests. The administrator should have access to tools to control content as well as the users who enter the contest. To do this administrators have some features that give them more control over the users who take part and vote: country filter system, advanced voting system, greater control over the contents that are uploaded for the photo, video and text contests, and the possibility to receive notifications on their email with the latest users registered. These features apply to both Premium and White Label promotions.


All entries in a Premium or White Label promotion can be closely managed from your administration panel. This means that you can temporarily deactivate (hide) an entry without deleting it (an action which cannot be undone).

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Feature: Filter Promotions by Country

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Do you want to organize a contest or sweepstakes for your online community but you want to be able to limit the promotion to a certain country or countries? Use the feature to restrict participation in your promotions by country so that only those who are actually in those countries can sign up. Learn how it works and how to configure it.


Lovely ideas for your Facebook Valentine’s day campaigns

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February is just around the corner and at Easypromos we are starting to notice an army of red hearts filling up the application windows. As the 14th is approaching and love is in the air, let us share some resources and ideas for your Facebook Valentine’s day campaign.

Stay updated! Visit our ‘Valentine’s Box of Ideas’ with lots of resources: case studies, templates, tips, etc.


1. Create a Question and Answer Quiz

valentine's day quizWhat’s your perfect romantic evening? What’s your best Valentine’s gift? What’s your ideal declaration of love? Where would you like to celebrate the lovers’ day?  What is the most romantic song? Test your fans’ imagination with an entertaining Question and Answer quiz. Let your users run their imagination by answering a series of love-related questions and draw a prize among all the participants.

For example, you can create a test questionnaire where your Facebook fans will be asked to select the answer they prefer to discover what’s their personality like (romantic, funny, etc.) or discover what’s their ideal Valentine’s day like.

See a demo of a Valentine’s Day Quiz

Here we explain in detail how Quizzes (trivia and test questionnaires) with Easypromos work on Facebook. Read more »


Update of Easypromos Basic: New Viral System and Mobile Support

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Facebook is a dynamic platform, and here at Easypromos we know that we have to adapt to the changes that are introduced in order to take advantage of any new features whilst keeping up to date with the promotions guidelines and continuing to comply 100% with Facebook’s rules and recommendations.

We also know that it’s important to introduce new features so that administrators can create better promotions, sweepstakes and contests, enabling them to attract more new fans and users.

This week we have updated Easypromos Basic. The new version provides the following three enhancements:

  1. New viral system
  2. Support for mobile devices
  3. Fast, scalable platform that is in line with Facebook

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Accessing Easypromos promotions and contests from mobile devices

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Currently, over 350 million users access Facebook each month via mobile devices, and this number is growing. Here at Easypromos we are well aware of this trend, and ever since Facebook launched its new platform for mobile devices last October we have been working to develop mobile device support for the application.


Tryp Hotels and Easypromos White Label

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TRYP by Wyndham just opened its first hotel in New York, located on Times Square and wanted to celebrate the occasion with their Facebook fans by offering a one week trip for two to the Big Apple with flights included and 2000USD to spend! Too bad Easypromos staff was not allowed to participate…


4 Original Ideas for your Facebook Christmas Campaigns
Facebook Christmas campaigns

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Giveaways are always popular on Facebook – and even more so at Christmas, the season of giving. Pick an enticing prize and create a fun Christmas challenge to maximize engagement with your followers. Here are 4 creative and original ideas to get you started!


New Viral System of Invitations in Easypromos

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Facebook is a social and dynamic platform that continually adapts to new technologies and new user behavior. For this purpose Facebook constantly renews its tools to give users a better experience of the platform. At Easypromos we are also in a continuous state of evolution, constantly adapting and renewing our products in response to the new possibilities and tools that Facebook offers, enabling administrators to create better contests and promotions for their users.

Now we have added a new viral system for Easypromos and a more modern and flexible invitation management engine, which allows administrators to:

  1. Generate more visibility for promotions and contests
  2. Take advantage of the viral capacity of the Like button
  3. Generate more relevant wall posts
  4. Increase the number of invitations per user
  5. Have access to more statistical information about the invitations
  6. Enhance the acceptance rates of permissions in Facebook

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