The best Father’s Day promotion ideas, and social media giveaways
The best Father's Day promotion ideas

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Father’s Day is bigger than ever, largely driven by Millennials who are keen to splash out on celebrating dads. But at the same time, consumers are moving away from tired stereotypes and cringe-worthy gifts. We round up the best Father’s Day promotion ideas – updated for the 21st century.


Widgets: Embed Photo, Video or Writing Contest Gallery on a Website
Widget Media

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Have you launched a photo contest on your Facebook Page and would now like to embed it in your blog to give it greater visibility? Would you like to organize voting photo or video contest in your website? Easypromos’ Widget Media enables you to embed and display a gallery of contest images on any website, blog, online store or microsite. With Widget Media you can extend the impact of your contest by reaching all the visitors to your website, thus making it an excellent new tool for dynamizing the page and improving the experience of visitors.


How to obtain 100,000 participants in a month by means of a sweepstakes combined with recruiters

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A good prize is the perfect claim to have successful participation rate in a sweepstakes. With this success case we will prove this theory right by showing you how Floqq increased its database thanks to a giveaway combined with a recruiting system. Keep on reading because this success case is very effective!


6 Valentine’s Day campaign ideas to captivate your audience
Valentines Day campaign ideas

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Make the most of this special day for sweethearts with a well-planned, well-run campaign – and be sure to follow up with all your leads. Start with these 6 Valentine’s Day campaign ideas to get your marketing started.


Creating campaigns that measure the traffic source of participants
Campaigns to measure participants' origin

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Once a promotion or contest is active, one challenge for administrators is to ensure that the promotion reaches the maximum number of users. Once the promotion has been published to the Page Timeline the administrator can increase the visibility of the contest and generate traffic by carrying out diffusion through a Facebook advertising campaign, by way of other social media networks, by sending out a newsletter, or by placing banners on other websites. To enable you to measure the impact of each of these actions we can now offer you customized links campaigns. With this new tool, available in Easypromos Premium and White Label, you can analyze the traffic sources of the participants in a promotion.


Ticket giveaway to increase the audience number for a show

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How a theater with presence on social networks increased the audience of one of its shows by raffling tickets on the theater’s Facebook page. Here we explain all the details of this campaign.


Sweepstakes combined with recruiters to promote a new novel

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Learn how this publishing house organized a contest on their Facebook page with the aim of promoting a novel. After answering a question about the book, the participants entered the draw for a trip to London and the more friends they recruited, the more chances they had to win the prize. Here we explain the challenges and benefits of this campaign.


Tiled Gallery Layout to Present Photos in the Contest Gallery

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One of the most important aspects of a photo contest are the images sent by participants and published in the photo gallery. This photo gallery becomes the entry point, where users can access the contest to see and vote for their friends’ photos. The gallery enables users to comfortably see the entries and then, with one simple click, vote for the photo they like the best.


Phrase voting contest on Facebook with final sweepstakes

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Ortopedia Mimas wanted to get more fans on their Facebook page so they launched a Phrase voting contest where users where asked to tell what helps them get through the day. Spoiler alert: It worked!


Increase the number of Facebook fans with the Easypromos Friend Gate

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With the aim of increasing the number of Likes of a Facebook Page, we are offering you Friend Gate: a new Easypromos tool for capturing fans that can be implemented with any type of promotion or contest. In order to participate in the promotion the user must have a minimum number of friends who also Like the Page. The user can then invite friends to help them reach this number. In this post we will explain how Friend Gate works, what the user’s experience will be like and which are the principal benefits.

Easypromos Friend Gate

This feature is out of date. Review our ‘My Networks’ feature, which enables you to encourage users to like your Facebook Page following Facebook’s rules.

The contents of this post are as follows:

1. What is Friend Gate?

2. What are the principal benefits of Friend Gate?

3. What will the user’s experience be like?

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friend Gate?

Friend Gate is a  feature from Easypromos that permits administrators to make it a requirement for users to have a minimum number of friends who are also friends of the same Facebook Page before the user can take part in a promotion. In this way the user can only enter the promotion when he/she obtains the required number of friends who are also fans of the Page.

The user will know at every moment exactly how many of his or her friends are fans of the Page, and, if lacking the required minimum, can invite friends from the application itself.

Friend Gate is available for all promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

Friend Gate landing
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