How to Write a Post to Launch a Sweepstakes on Facebook

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Running a Facebook giveaway is one of the best ways of increasing interaction and engagement with your followers and giving more visibility to your posts and your brand. It is a highly effective Facebook action and it is also quick and simple to launch: just publish a post on your Facebook Page with the instructions to participate. Next, use the Easypromos application to carry out the random sweepstakes and select the winners. In the following article you will find tips for writing and publishing a post to launch a successful Facebook Giveaway.


Black Friday Promotion Ideas for 2021

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Black Friday: the biggest day of the year for Western retailers. Shoppers are ready to spend and save with holiday deals and big-ticket discounts. So how can you make your brand stand out and what can you do to boost sales? Read our promotion ideas for Black Friday and learn how to boost engagement, customer loyalty and most importantly sales!


Ideas for Viral St. Patrick’s Day Promotions and Contests in 2022
St. Patrick's Day promotion ideas

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Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades, parties, and a whole lot of green. This post provides simple, easy and effective ways to share some St. Patrick’s Day fun with your followers on social media.


Management of Winners and Prizes in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Giveaways

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Do you frequently run direct giveaways on your social media channels for users that comment on or ‘like’ your publications? Or do you organize sweepstakes for users who retweet one of your Twitter posts? These actions are quick to launch and, thanks to how easy they are to take part in, they are popular with users and can help you increase the visibility of your content and boost engagement with your community. However, once the giveaway has finished you might have found yourself with the problems of how to notify your winners and how to obtain their contact details to send them a prize. Or perhaps you have been in the situation of needing to substitute a winner. With such cases in mind, we have updated the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Giveaway applications with three new features. Their aim is to provide solutions to these problems and help the administrator manage the winners of the social media giveaways.


Labor Day Promotion and Giveaway Ideas for Your Brand

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Labor Day: the long weekend, the parades, festivals, picnics, fireworks displays and retail sales. It’s a day to recognize hard-working people in the United States and Canada. So why not reward your loyal followers with a giveaway, and tap into the buzz with a Labor Day giveaway or promotion?


How to Use Social Networks to Provide Support for Your Advertisers
How to use social networks for advertising

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Until recently, social networks have played a secondary role in media plans; actions carried out via this medium have usually been done in isolation, unconnected to other forms of media. This trend is changing fast. Other forms of media (the printed press, radio, TV, etc.) are offering social networks as advertising support to their advertisers with increasing frequency because of the peculiar characteristics of social media: bidirectionality, possibility for public interaction, immediacy, flexibility, opportunity for innovation, easy viralization and diffusion of audiovisual content. It also requires a lower investment than other forms of media and facilitates segmentation. Discover six ways of using the social networks to provide advertising support to your advertisers.


5 Ideas for Applying Hashtags on Facebook Efficiently
5 ideas about how to use hashtags on your facebook sweepstakes

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The hashtag is a very familiar concept for any user who commonly uses social networks. As such, it is a tool that you can make good use of in your online campaigns. Easypromos provides a platform to carry out sweepstakes among users who comment on a Facebook Timeline post and we have incorporated a new feature which makes the most of hashtags used in comments.


New Features on Facebook for Businesses and Brands: New Ways of Connecting with Users
New ways of connecting brands and users on Facebook

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Facebook has announced new tools for Facebook Page administrators to help them communicate with users and clients more quickly, and manage the inquiries received daily on their pages more efficiently. Among the new features introduced is the option of responding to a public comment with a private message. Below, we explain in detail what these new tools consist of and how you can make use of them to communicate with your fans.


Terms & Conditions Generator for Giveaways & Online Contests

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Sharing terms and conditions with your giveaways and contests is a good practice that each brand – no matter the size – should follow. But what aspects should be covered in your giveaway terms and conditions? And what’s the best way to host and share them online? Here’s how to use the Easypromos terms and conditions tool to make sure your online contests are compliant with all regulations and laws.


Promotional Codes: How QR Codes and Barcodes Work

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One of the most popular marketing strategies by businesses is the “price discount”. Companies use bargains to sell high quantities of products at low prices, and by doing so they are able to increase sales over a specific time period, capture new customers and loyalize existing ones.