New Features on Facebook for Businesses and Brands: New Ways of Connecting with Users
New ways of connecting brands and users on Facebook

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Facebook has announced new tools for Facebook Page administrators to help them communicate with users and clients more quickly, and manage the inquiries received daily on their pages more efficiently. Among the new features introduced is the option of responding to a public comment with a private message. Below, we explain in detail what these new tools consist of and how you can make use of them to communicate with your fans.


Terms & Conditions Generator for Giveaways & Online Contests

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Sharing terms and conditions with your giveaways and contests is a good practice that each brand – no matter the size – should follow. But what aspects should be covered in your giveaway terms and conditions? And what’s the best way to host and share them online? Here’s how to use the Easypromos terms and conditions tool to make sure your online contests are compliant with all regulations and laws.


Promotional Codes: How QR Codes and Barcodes Work

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One of the most popular marketing strategies by businesses is the “price discount”. Companies use bargains to sell high quantities of products at low prices, and by doing so they are able to increase sales over a specific time period, capture new customers and loyalize existing ones.


Online Contest Moderation: How to Manage Your Online Competition

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Are you organizing a contest in which participants must upload a photo in order to participate? Are you going to run a literary contest and select the winning story to publish in the next edition of your magazine? Do you want to launch a short film contest and have an internal jury choose the winner? Or maybe you have another unique idea for an online contest? One of the most important aspects of these types of contests is the ability to moderate and revise content that users upload to the contest app in an attempt to win. In this post, we explain how contest moderation works with Easypromos contest applications.


Update of the Facebook Sweepstakes Application: All the New Features
facebook sweepstakes new features

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In August 2013, Facebook updated its promotions policy, making it possible to carry out sweepstakes directly on a Facebook wall. With the aim of helping administrators manage these types of promotions, we have launched the Facebook Sweepstakes Application, a tool that enables you to convert a Facebook post into a sweepstakes, among all users who have ‘liked’ or commented on it, with just a single click. Almost two years after its launch, we have updated the tool with a new design and a package of improvements and new features that we outline below.


2022 Back to School Campaign Ideas to Boost Sales Online and In-Store

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With the end of summer comes Back to School season, when millions of children and students get ready to begin a new school year. It’s the perfect opportunity to grow your audience, build customer loyalty and boost sales… with these easy and effective Back to School campaign ideas.


10 Tips to Write A Viral Tweet for your Twitter Giveaway
write a viral tweet

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In the last few years, some social media experts began to dismiss Twitter as a platform for online engagement. But recently, the social network has made a surprising comeback, with a focus on video and current affairs. Smart brands have realized that Twitter offers a unique format to communicate with users and build a clear brand identity. Here’s how to maximize your reach and write a viral tweet.


How to boost your brand content campaign with a Twitter giveaway

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When Vodafone launched a new product aimed at young users, they decided to connect through a brand content strategy. Here’s how they reached out to Twitter and YouTube audiences with a simple retweet giveaway.


Celebrate the 4th of July with an Independence Day Giveaway

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We all know that summer officially begins on Memorial Day. But the real vacation season? That starts with Independence Day on July 4th: a holiday full of family, food, and festivals. It’s time to celebrate all the things that the US of A does best.


Fun Ideas to Promote Sports Events Online
How to promote a sports event online

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Sporting events can provide the perfect opportunity for planning creative promotions on Facebook. They constitute one of the areas which generate most implication and participation by users across the social networks. In this article we outline three examples of sport-related promotions.