Distribute Coupon Codes

Incentivize purchases, reward customers, and drive traffic to the point of sale with coupons. Obtain new leads while sharing promotional codes, discounts, gifts or prizes, and learn more about your customers with a tailor-made registration form. This can be a great opportunity to convert your web visitors into paying customers.

CONNECT with your audience and REWARD them!

Create and share discount coupons, vouchers and coupon codes with the Coupon Codes app. Run coupon campaigns to increase sales and reward customers of your ecommerce business or retail store. Set up a customized registration form to collect information about sales leads and customers. 

Choose from a variety of coupon formats and delivery methods. Create codes in alphanumeric, bar code or QR code format, and share them via instant download or email. Verify codes online and in-store with the Code Validation Portal.

Main Features

  • Customize the sign up form

    Create a tailor-made registration form to collect contact details, customer info and consumer preferences. Get consent for terms and conditions, privacy policy and email newsletters.

  • Design your coupons

    Customize your coupons with images and instructions. Personalize coupons with smart tags to show individual customer details. Upload ready-made coupons in PDF format, or use the easy coupon editor to create them in the app. More info

  • Distribute unique codes

    Upload up to 2 million unique promotional codes and assign them to individual shoppers. Show promotional codes in alphanumeric, barcode or QR code format. Share different codes for different rewards.

  • Conditional coupons

    Define rules for assigning coupons and promotional codes. Choose whether to reward all participants with coupons, or set up conditions for different rewards.

  • Track coupon downloads

    Automatically detect whenever customers download their coupons. Analyze your campaign performance with advanced statistics on participation sources and times.

  • Verify codes instantly

    Use the online Code Validation Portal to verify promotional codes. Validate codes in your online store, or in physical stores using any internet-enabled device. Prevent misuse or repeated use of coupons.

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PricesAvailable in the following plans

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$199/month 149€/month


  • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
  • Easypromos branding visible.
  • Customize default template with your own wording and images.
  • Fully customizable registration form.
  • Automated email platform.
  • Third-party integrations with external platforms.
  • Access to advanced promotion statistics.
White Label

White Label

$399/month 349 €/month

Premium version, plus:

  • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
  • No visible Easypromos branding.
  • No reference to Easypromos when sharing.
  • Share the same promotion in multiple languages and locations.
  • Use your own domain name with HTTPS support.
  • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
  • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
  • Recommended for big brands and agencies.
  • Priority support.

Distribute Coupon Codes Combine it with...

  • Survey

    Ask users to complete a customer survey in exchange for coupon rewards.

  • Entry Form Giveaway

    Finish your coupon campaign with a grand prize draw giveaway.

  • Writing Contest

    Invite users to share written user-generated content, then reward them with coupons and promotional codes.

  • Video Contest

    Collect original videos from users and reward their creativity with discounts and offers.

  • Photo Contest

    Run an online photo contest with coupon rewards for participants.

Complete features

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Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    Follow this simple tutorial to set up your coupon campaign. Illustrated with screenshots and updated with our latest features.

  • Free ebook

    Download our free ebook, "20 Ways to Distribute Coupons and Codes Online". Find real life examples and learn best practices for promotional codes.

  • Find the right app

    Try our quiz, "Which Coupon Campaign Is Right for You?". Learn how to use the Coupon Codes app and achieve your marketing objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Can I design the coupon with my brand image?

Of course! Easypromos offers a complete coupon editor that allows you to upload the image and the texts of the coupon to design it with your brand image. It's a drag & drop type editor so anyone can use it.

In which format can the users download the coupons?

The coupon can be downloaded in PDF format and be sent automatically by email to the participants.

Can I give a unique and personalized coupon to each participant?

Yes, it's possible to create coupons with a unique code for each participant. With the coupon tool, you can create personalized coupons by, for example, including the name of the participant or other identifying data.

Can I add a unique code to the coupon?

Yes, the system can assign a unique code to each participant, and this code will be included on the coupon voucher. The users will see their unique code upon registering in the campaign, and they will also receive it in their inbox.

Can I send a coupon voucher by email automatically?

Yes, Easypromos includes an email platform that allows sending the coupon vouchers by email to the users that register in the campaign.

Can I add QR and bar codes to the coupons?

Yes, the coupon system allows you to assign a unique, alphanumeric code to each participant. Additionally, you can also show the unique code as a QR code or a barcode. The supported barcode formats are: EAN-13, CODE-128, CODE-39.

Can I add conditions that the users have to meet in order to receive a coupon?

Yes. The coupon system integrates with almost every mechanic and application that Easypromos offers. So, you can give coupons after a spin of the prize wheel, or give coupons to the users that get a minimum score in a game, just for registering, or you can give a special coupon to the ones that select a specific option in a survey. The possibilities are endless.

Can I upload a list of users that I want to send a coupon to?

The coupon app is optimized so that users who want to get the coupon register in an Easypromos campaign. However, Easypromos also offers advanced options which allow to upload a list of participants from a file, pass user data through a URL, or with a call to the Easypromos user API.

How can the codes be validated at the point of sale?

For companies that don't have their own code validation system, Easypromos offers the 'Validation portal': a tool which allows the employees at the point of sale to check and validate the coupons in a secure, reliable, and agile way. You can get more information on our blog.

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