Would you like to obtain the images from your photo contest in their original size? Have your contest participants uploaded videos directly to Easypromos and now you want to download them? Do you need to save the audiovisual material uploaded by your contestants in different folders based on number of votes received? Obtain all the original content generated by your users directly and in real time by connecting your Dropbox account to the contest for just $49 USD


Main features

  • Participants can upload videos of up to 150MB and photos of up to 10MB to the platform. In the case of photos, you always have the option of downloading them for free to a ZIP file, which saves the images in an optimized “large” format with a maximum width of 700px. When you need to download the videos and/or images in their original size you should activate the Dropbox extension and connect your account.

  • The videos are stored by the Easypromos platform for the duration of the contest. However, if you also wish to have this audiovisual material in your possession – to use for later actions for example, or to distribute to your judges – you can link your Dropbox account to the contest and all the original images and videos uploaded to the platform will automatically by saved to a folder.

  • You’ll be able to filter the audiovisual content of your contestants based on the number of votes obtained, categories of participation, upload date, and so on, creating folders in your Dropbox based on these criteria. In this way, you’ll save a lot of time in the segmentation and organization of the photos and videos uploaded to your contest.

  • All photos and videos are saved in your Dropbox account under the participant’s name and unique identifying number. This means it will be easy and convenient for you to locate content generated by each participant.

  • If you’re already halfway through the contest when you decide that you’d like to use this feature to obtain the original entries, you can still integrate Dropbox and synchronize it with the contest. All the content that participants have uploaded up to that point will be stored. In this way, you won’t miss any original videos or photos, even if you leave it late to decide.

Combine it with...

  • Photo Contest

    Create a photo contest and link it with Dropbox to get all the images uploaded by the participants in their original size.

  • Video Contest

    Create a video contest and link it with Dropbox to get all the images uploaded by the participants in their original size.

Resources and help

  • Technical tutorial

    Step-by-step guide to activate the extension and connect your Dropbox account to the contest.

    Go to Tutorial