How can Easypromos contribute to your employee engagement strategy?

Use digital quizzes for training

Use digital quizzes for training

Integrate digital quizzes into your employee onboarding and training programs for dynamic learning experiences. Assess knowledge retention and identify areas for improvement conveniently and scalably while fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Use digital surveys to involve your team

Use digital surveys to involve your team in decision making

Launch digital surveys to actively engage your team in decision-making processes, empowering employees to voice their opinions and suggestions, while fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration within the organization.

Reward employees

Reward employees with prize distribution actions

Use the Spin the Wheel or Scratch & Win applications to reward employees on special occasions like company anniversaries, project completions, or birthdays.

Follow major sports events

Follow major sports events and bring some fun to the team

Take advantage of major sports events such as the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, World Series, or Super Bowl. Launch a Multi-Stage Prediction game or Tournament Bracket to entertain your team and reward them for their effort and commitment.

Foster team-building

Foster team-building with contests and games

Improve interdepartmental collaboration with digital contests and games to help people from different teams or departments get to know each other better. From a simple “Match the person with their job/department” game, to more complex “Escape room” dynamics, interactive digital actions are a valuable contribution to your team-building strategy.