Hashtag + Entry Form Instagram Photo Contest

Organize an exclusive Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form to enhance brand visibility on social media. Invite users to publish a photo on their profile with your campaign hashtag. Users enter the competition by filling in a registration form with their contact details, choosing which of their Instagram photos to use, and accepting the terms and conditions and content permissions. Create a public gallery with user-generated content about your brand to increase brand loyalty and brand awareness, while also collecting new leads for your database.

Obtain UGC for promotional purposes!

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Create an Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form for your customers or social media followers. Users participate in your Instagram photo contest by taking a photo with your campaign theme and sharing it on their Instagram profile with your campaign hashtag. Then they confirm their competition entry by filling in a form, choosing which photo to submit, accepting the terms & conditions, and agreeing to any other requirements listed in the form.

All images will be displayed in a public photo gallery with a unique URL. Share it with your audience and personalize it with your branding colors and logo. Pre-moderate competition entries to control which images appear in the gallery. Embed competition content on your web or blog, and use the gallery in Fullscreen Mode to project images on a screen or high-res monitor in real time.

Main Features

  • Create an exclusive Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form

    Run an exclusive contest for Instagram users who publish photos with your campaign hashtag. Each user must visit the contest app and log in with their Instagram account. To enter the contest, they must fill in a registration form and choose which photo from their profile to use.

  • Covert Instagram followers into qualified leads

    Customize the registration form to ask for the information you need. Easily export data as a CSV or Excel file. You can request usernames, full names, email addresses and more. Contact winners quickly and easily!

  • Award prizes when users register

    Share direct prizes such as coupons and discount codes with participants of your Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form. Award prizes when users register, or via email. Reward their effort and loyalty in creating and sharing user-generated content.

  • Designed for mobile participation

    App interface with mobile-first design, since all Instagram users will participate via mobile. Responsive platform design automatically adapts the app for any device, guaranteeing optimal viewing and user experience.

  • Select a winner by vote, jury, or prize draw

    Range of tools to filter and moderate contest entries. Choose finalists and award extra prize draw entries based on the number of votes. Select winners through a popular vote, expert jury, or certified random prize draw.

  • Restrict promotion by age or location

    As participants fill in a form to confirm their entry, you can apply age and location restrictions. Limit participation to users in specific countries. Use the age filter to make users confirm their date of birth before joining the promotion.

Start now

Register now to access the Control Panel. You can create your Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form, choose different options, and preview what your published promotion will look like.

PricesAvailable in the following plans

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$199/month 149€/month


  • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
  • Easypromos branding visible.
  • Customize the default template with your own wording and images.
  • Automated email management platform.
  • Fully customizable registration form.
  • Integration with external platforms.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Participant moderation tools.
White Label

White Label

$399/month 349 €/month

Premium version, plus:

  • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
  • "Create your own promotion with Easypromos" does not appear on any page of the promotion.
  • No reference to the Easypromos brand when sharing the promotion.
  • Create a single promotion with multiple languages.
  • Use your own domain with HTTPS support.
  • Developers: options to insert your own CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Developers: access to the API and Webhooks to export contest entries in real-time.
  • Recommended for big brands and agencies.
  • Priority support.

Hashtag + Entry Form Combine it with...

  • Distribute Coupon Codes

    Add coupons or discount codes to the app, ready to share with users as a reward for participation.

  • Entry Form Giveaway

    Finish up the promotion with this tool to randomly select winner(s).

  • Survey

    Complete your promotion with a survey to find out more about your participants' opinions.

  • Knowledge Quiz

    Run a promotion with two chances to participate. Quiz participants before they complete the registration form and upload their photo.

Complete features


Contact us via live chat - we're ready to help with any doubt or question.

Resources and help

  • Technical tutorial

    If you have any technical questions about the Instagram Photo Contest, this tutorial will explain.

  • Types of Instagram Contests

    Read this article and review the comparative table to check the three contest types on offer.

Frequently asked questions

In an Instagram photo contest, how can I make sure that users accept the terms & conditions?

If you opt for our Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form you can ask the users to accept the terms & conditions. The Hashtag + Entry Form app allows the contestants to sign up in the contest through a registration form and select the image they wish to enter in the contest from their Instagram profile. You can add the terms and conditions to the registration form and a checkbox for the users to accept them explicitly. This way, your contest will be completely aligned with the good practices of the GDPR

Do the users have to have a public profile in order to participate in an Instagram photo contest with hashtag and entry form?

If you choose the photo contest app 'Hashtag + Entry Form', the participants don't need to have a public Instagram profile. The users will accept the permissions from the app to be able to select the photo from their profile that they want to enter in the contest and therefore, the app will have access to their content even if their profile is private.

Can I collect the data of the participants in an Instagram photo contest?

Yes, if you use the Easypromos app for running Instagram photo contests with hashtag and entry form you can collect the data of the participants because they will fill in the registration form. As the organizing brand, you can set up the form to ask for the data you need from the participants. You can also export the data to an Excel/CSV file or send the data to your emailing list or CRM system.

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