Mother's Day Promotion ideas for Mother's Day

A mother is "the person who has done more for you than anyone else in the world". From your first breath to your first day at school, and beyond, mom has always been there. On Mother's Day, we honor and celebrate the mothers and grandmothers who fill our lives with love and support. It's time to say thank you and engage your audience with one of our creative Mother's Day promotion ideas.

Help your followers to show their appreciation with gifts, discounts, and Mother's Day contests. Offer rewards for moms and children, while you build your customer database and increase your online presence. Generate engagement and brand visibility with our Mother's Day branded games. Use our free resourcescase studies, and how-to guides for inspiration. 


  • Gamify your Mother's Day campaign and entertain your audience with fun mini-games

    Branded mini-games are the perfect way to engage and entertain your audience this Mother's Day. Collect contact details through integrated entry forms, and fully personalize the game for better brand and product exposure! Celebrate motherhood with interactive, playable promotions!

    • Entertain your audience and collect leads with a Mother's Day Hidden Objects game! Try the DEMO and download our pre-configured template for your Mother's Day promotion.
    • Promote your brand and products with a Mother's Day Product Recommender. Ask users to answer a short questionnaire and display personalized messages based on their answers. Add discount codes and coupons to boost Mother's Day sales. Try the DEMO and download our ready-made template for your promotion.
    • Would you like to see more ideas for Mother's Day campaign? We've called some more Mother's Day promotion ideas - with real examples and templates

  • Boost social media engagement and collect leads with Mother's Day giveaways

    Run a Mother's Day giveaway on social media - it's the perfect place to share the love on Mother's Day. Boost social media engagement and grow social media following with giveaways on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Use our free templates to get started instantly!

  • Mother's Day contests to collect user-generated content

    Take your followers beyond social media with creative contests and Mother's Day promotions. Collect user-generated content for your social media posts, and collect participant data with integrated registration forms. Try the Mother's Day PhotoFun app

    • Collect creative pictures with your brand's frames and stickers. Organize a Mother's Day PhotoFun contest where participants decorate their selfies with your labels. Try our DEMO and use the ready-made template for your own promotion.
    • Invite followers to share Mother's Day videos in a contest app. Try our DEMO and use the ready-made template for your own Mother's Day Video Contest.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best promotion for Mother's Day?

There are many different ideas for Mother's Day promotions and it all depends on what objectives you're looking to achieve. You can run Mother's Day social media giveaways to boost engagement, launch fun branded mini-games to entertain your audience and collect sales leads or you can even organize photo contests to obtain user-generated content. If you're looking to increase sales you could distribute discounts and coupons as Mother's Day prizes.

Can I create a branded mini-game for Mother's Day?

Of course! Branded mini-games are highly popular with online audiences. They engage and entertain users while exposing them to your corporate image. You can use the Easypromos game applications to fully customize your game (for example Puzzle, Memory, Word Search, Minesweeper, etc). In addition, you will get to grow your database as users participate by sharing their contact details. Check out the Mother's Day Hidden Objects DEMO and download a ready-made template to save some time with your Mother's Day game. 

What's the best way to promote products for Mother's Day?

There are many different ways to promote your products for Mother's Day. For instance, you can run comment giveaways on social media where you raffle your best-selling or newly launched product. Another popular idea is to organize a Mother's Day Product Recommender: users answer a few closed questions to see a personalized message. You can customize the final messages to recommend different products, as well as provide discount codes or links taking the user directly to your e-commerce.

How to organize a Mother's Day giveaway on social media?

The most effective giveaways on social media are comment-based. Create a captivating image showcasing the prize and ask users to answer an open question - it will further boost engagement and possibly start real conversations. You can also ask users to mention their friends in the comments section so that you can attract more participants. See ideas, real examples and ready-made templates for your Mother's Day giveaway on social media.

What are the best prizes for Mother's Day promotions?

You can give away many different things! Raffle your best-selling or newly released products or a product bundle, or team up with another brand to offer even a bigger gift box. Discount codes and vouchers are great if you're looking to increase sales. Experiences and merchandise also do the job.

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