Easypromos Premium

Easypromos Premium

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What will the Premium version give you?

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Personalize your promotion's design

Enjoy all the features and benefits of responsive design, created with mobile first in mind and optimized for display on all devices. Design your promotion exactly the way you want, with transparency controls, customizable layout for every page, and much more. No coding needed!

Design your ideal promotion with an intuitive editor, perfectly tailored for your needs.


Unlimited use of the Emails Platform

Interact directly with the users of your promotion during and after the campaign by using the emails platform to send and automate the sending of emails. A tool that has no extra cost, built in the Premium version, that allows you to segment and send emails to the participants according to their characteristics: Their city, obtained score, number of votes, answers...

Promotion + automatic emails, create your complete campaign in Premium version!

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100% customizable registration form

Ask for all the data you need from the participants by adding additional fields to the registration form.

And many other options to customize the registration form. Download all these data to a CSV/Excel file easily and at any time during the campaign.

Carry out multiple giveaways among participants

Are you planning to carry out more giveaways in the same promotion? In the Premium version you can run all the giveaways you need from the same list of participants. Segment by day of entry, city, gender, survey answers or any additional field and select randomly the winners and alternate winners of each giveaway. Each with certificate of validity and the reliability of the Easypromos brand.

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Limit access to your promotion by country and/or age

Do you want to restrict your promotion based on participants’ location? Or maybe you want to run an online contest, but it’s for adults only? If your product or industry makes promotion restrictions necessary (for example, adult content or alcoholic drinks), then you can find country and age restriction features in all our apps.

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Give away different prizes among the participants

Do you want to give away different types of prizes to the users who register in your promotion? Give a code to all and later raffle a prize? In the Premium version, your app can use all the features of the Prize management system: Select winners by random draw, by instant win, manually or on registering. Configure in detail which prize you are going to give and to which segment of participants. Furthermore, combine different prizes and give them away in different ways in the same app, with no extra cost.

Obtain and export advanced statistics

Get a detailed report of your promotion to evaluate the campaign globally and to present the results in an attractive way.

  • Integrate the promotion with Google Analytics
  • Monitor and obtain data about the traffic sources to your campaign
  • Collect all the information about the votes and the voters
  • Extract graphs and total data of all the quiz answers

Integrations with the top digital marketing tools

  • Automatic import of images and videos from Twitter and Instagram
  • Storage of the user generated content with Dropbox
  • Synchronization of the leads as new contacts on your Mailchimp list
  • Compatible with conversion pixels from Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, retargeting campaigns and other data analysis tools.
  • Link your promotion with more than 1000 apps, thanks to our Zapier integration.

Are you already decided on upgrading to Premium?

Sign up now and access the control panel. From there you can create the promotion you want and choose Premium version to have all these tools available. Try them now!

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Quiz system

Complete your promotion with a survey to collect information about the users, a quiz to test their knowledge or a multiple-choice test to entertain them. Use the quiz-system: Simple, intuitive, with a flexible design and specifically prepared to show audiovisual content.


Measure the recruitment of the participants

Increase the viral organic reach of the campaign by rewarding the participants who get their friends to enter too. Activate this Recruiters feature and measure the recruiting process of your participants.

  • Give more entries for more participants recruited. and therefore more chances of winning
  • Exclude the participants who haven't reached a minimum number of recruits.

Access Premium promotions dynamics

Get access to all the Easypromos apps with all its features and combine them in one promotion.

Moderate and manage the content from the participants

Perhaps even more important than creating a brand is maintaining its reputation. For the organization of online promotions to always add to your brand image, with the Premium version you have complete control over the content: Receive an email each time someone registers in your promotion, moderate the entries and their content and publish only the content that you have approved in the public gallery.

Customize the viral content completely

At least 54% of the participants share the promotion with their friends on social media, email or instant messaging. Design the texts and the viral image that will be shared and make sure a good call to action is being transmitted to get more participants.


And many more small and big details that will help you achieve a successful promotion!

  • 1
    Premium Design
  • 2
    Email Platform
  • 3
    Customizable entry form
  • 4
    Giveaway Platform
  • 5
    Limit access by country and age
  • 6
    Prize management system
  • 7
    Advanced statistics
  • 8
    Integrations with third parties
  • 9
    Quiz platform
  • 10
    Recruitment system
  • 11
    Access all the Premium apps
  • 12
    Pre-moderation of entries
  • 13
    Advanced viral system

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