Entry Form Giveaway

LinkedIn Entry Form Giveaway

Energize and reward your LinkedIn audience by organizing a giveaway on this professional social media network. Raffle courses, event tickets or merchandise among those that register in your giveaway. Our ready-made template will help you launch your promotion in minutes.

Promotion recommended to:

LinkedIn Entry Form Giveaway
  • Record user data (leads)

  • Develop trust

  • Encourage brand loyalty

  • This template is free to test and configure.

What do you get?

  • Ready-made promotion. Just edit the dates, personalize the text, and activate the campaign. You save up to 70% of production time using the ready-made template!
  • All the pre-set images are free to edit, use, and share. This includes the background image, main image, and header.
  • Our creative team has produced promotion text which works to maximize your viral reach. Review and edit to suit your needs.
  • Ready-made template for terms and conditions & privacy policy. Just download the template and fill in your company's details.
  • Ready-made drafts of automated emails to promotion participants.