Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes Promotion: Validate codes to win

Invite your followers to validate and redeem codes distributed in-store or on product packagings. Give instant prizes or reward extra entries in the final prize draw for each validated code. Collect contact details and reinforce customer loyalty and trust. Just edit the template and share the link on your social media. Ready in minutes!

Promotion recommended to:

Redeem Codes Promotion: Validate codes to win
  • Record user data (leads)

  • Encourage brand loyalty

  • Develop trust

  • This template is free to test and configure.

What do you get?

  • Ready-made promotion. Just edit the dates, personalize the text, and activate the campaign.
  • All the pre-set images are free to edit, use, and share. This includes the background image, main image, and header.
  • Our creative team has worked on the promotion text to maximize your viral reach. Review and edit to suit your needs.
  • Ready-made template for terms and conditions. Just download the template and fill in your company's details.
  • Ready-made drafts of automated emails to promotion participants.