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Special conditions of use of the Easypromos Managed Ads Campaign Service

EASYPROMOS has developed a system that integrates with the Facebook Marketing API that allow our clients (CLIENT) to launch advertising campaigns related to their promotion created in Easypromos through the Facebook Ads network. We call this service Managed Ads Campaign Service, hereinafter: MANAGED_ADS.

Our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy apply when using the MANAGED_ADS service. Here we describe the special conditions of use of the MANAGED_ADS service: 

  • Advertising media: EASYPROMOS will use the Facebook Ads platform (AD NETWORK) to launch advertising campaigns about the CLIENT’s promotion with the objective to direct users to the promotion. EASYPROMOS can use all the channels and placements that Facebook Ads provide to optimize the results of the campaign. Facebook Ads placements include: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.
  • Content of the ads: The CLIENT acknowledges that the link in the ads in the advertising campaigns will always point to the main link of the EASYPROMOS promotion. The CLIENT can customize the text and the image of the ad and the CLIENT understands that EASYPROMOS has the right but not the obligation to preview, verify and/or modify the content of the ads and that the CLIENT assumes all risks associated to the publication of ads in the AD NETWORK. The CLIENT is responsible for the ad content complying with the Facebook Ads policy.
  • Display of the ads: The CLIENT acknowledges that EASYPROMOS can not control nor the placement nor the frequency of the displaying of the ad in the AD NETWORK.
  • Optimization of the budget: The MANAGED_ADS service has been designed to optimize the CLIENT’s budget based on the target audience defined by the CLIENT. The CLIENT acknowledges that EASYPROMOS can apply changes in the design of the MANAGED_ADS service with the continued aim of optimizing the results of the campaigns.
  • Cost of the service: In order for EASYPROMOS to be able to launch the advertising campaign, the CLIENT must pay the total of the allocated budget to EASYPROMOS. EASYPROMOS will apply a fee of 15% of the amount paid by the CLIENT in concept of creation, management, launch and optimization of the advertising campaign. This fee will be deducted from the CLIENT’s budget. The rest of the budget (85%) will be used to pay Facebook for displaying the advertising campaign in the AD NETWORK until it has reached its end. Once the advertising campaign has been launched in the AD NETWORK, no refund will be made.
  • Ads review and not approved ads: The CLIENT acknowledges and understands that all ads should pass a review by Facebook. In the case that Facebook doesn’t approve an ad, EASYPROMOS will contact the CLIENT explaining the modifications that have to be made for Facebook to approve the ad. If the CLIENT doesn’t apply the modifications or in the case that Facebook doesn’t allow ads from this CLIENT, EASYPROMOS will refund the amount paid by the CLIENT applying a fee of 20€ + 15% of the amount paid by the CLIENT.
  • Use of third party platforms: EASYPROMOS doesn’t assume any responsibility or obligation related to the content of the ad or to any content of the ad that is not transferred to or published in the AD NETWORK as a result of as a result of a malfunction of the AD NETWORK 

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