Easy to use software to make running a digital promotion a snap! It was easy to create, customize and host a digital promotion through Easypromos. We found their range of tutorial videos and articles immensely helpful in answering any questions or concerns that we ran into while building the promotion. One of our favorite features that Easypromos has available is a pop up window that appears after users enter our promotion that provides the opportunity for users to follow us on social media. This feature led to a substantial increase in our social media followers, which we love to see!
- Meghan Komin -
Marketing Digital Assistant at Borges USA - STAR Fine Foods
Easy, fast, and cheap. Very easy to use interface, turnkey promos, nice layouts, easy to integrate into social media. We have used the basic and premium versions.
- Melinda Conley -
IPFW Marketing Director
Best Contesting Platform I Have Ever Used. As a small agency, we have worked with several contesting platforms but none of them offer the robust features and quick-response customer service as easypromosapp. I am now a loyal customer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to others.
- Julia Khorramchahi -
Project Manager at The B.O.S.S. Group
You get exactly what you paid for. Easy to use most of the time, some minor function is not so straightforward though. Support service is exceptional, which makes it great to work with. Good value for money.
- Zsolt Tordai -
Digital and social media manager at UP Advertising
This is a good application for your social media campaign. There are a lot of campaign types that you can use and I love to use it. You can integrate your campaign with facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. This is the best application compared to the price.
- Udhy Baidhowy -
e-Marketing Specialist at PT Epson Indonesia
It is important to know and recognise that an Easypromos contest offers functions that go further than fan obtainment. One clear example is the 2.0 market study – a quantitative study that is focussed closely on the brand target.
- Ignacio Casanovas -
Partner Houser & Houser
This new type of promotion offers one of the best solutions for brands when it comes to campaign ROI and achieving a direct impact on sales. So much is this the case that the client, FreeSmokeWorld, has decided to repeat the campaign with all its stores. Online marketing and social network management need more solutions like this one created by Easypromos.
- Oriol Marimón-Clos -
CEO Mobisfera
Easypromos has an extremely high technical quality; its wide range of options for creating promotions really makes it stand out from the rest. The entire process is both easy and intuitive, while the personal touch offered by the team helped us in the day-to-day running of the promotion. There’s no doubt that we’ll be placing our trust in Easypromos for our next promotion.
- Fernando González de Villaumbrosia -
Growth Hacker at Floqq
We are very happy with the results of this campaign. It’s a very intuitive platform that enables not only to run campaigns, but also to make it go viral and, additionally, analyse the results obtained at the end of the campaign. We want to thank Easypromos team all the support offered at all times.
- Nadja Borovac -
Marketing Manager Worldreader
Easypromos is very experienced & ambitious, flexible team – they are all familiar with the situations we would face (i.e from technical to marketing), and provided us instant support even we just communicated through emails, they give us confident that their app is well-fit into our business model. I have no doubt to recommend Easypromos to any companies. They definitely helped us to acquire our KPIs.
- Amas Li -
Marketing Manager Macau.com
The Easypromos Premium tool is very flexible, and adaptable to any type of contest or promotion. With the help of the Easypromos customer service team, we were able to organize the contest using the platform, releasing us from the need to program it ourselves. This saved us a lot of time, work and money
- Alejandro Casero -
Partner Houser & Houser
I have worked for years with Easypromos with excellent results. The platform will allow you to optimize the profitability of different investments of your campaigns , increase the volume of your community on social media (Facebook , Twittter and Instagram ) while increasing user engagement with your brand and of course, cause direct impact on your sales. The customer service is perfect: attentive, operative and close. In addition, through his blog you can meet the constant innovations both the tool and the sector.
- Santiago Guzzo Merello -
Social Media Strategist en Arista
For me, Easypromos is the best App to manage contests and give away online. it gives us new opportunities everyday. If I have to do a promotion, I will do it with this tool. I recommend it 100%!
- Carlos Carbellido -
Online Marketing & Social Media Consultant at Un Community Manager
The support received from Easypromos is excellent; nice and professional treatment. Easypromos I think is a very intuitive platform, which works very well and is within's everyone reach regarding costs. It facilitates very well the integration of contests and then it is possible to clearly check the whole analytic of results. The only thing that I would probably change here later on is design templates (for renewing). I personally will continue working with you and will continue recommending Easypromos to my contacts. Thank you very much and I wish you good luck.
- Laura Ramos Lopez -
Marketing and Digital Communication at Yumedia
I am using Easypromos' platform several years to manage contests in Facebook and every time it has been better in use, functions and profitability. In spite of the fact that new platforms have gone out none turns out to be so ideal as Easypromos. Not only it contributes to an ideal efficiency to the campaigns in Facebook but the customer support is perfect. Any disadvantage or doubt have been solved thanks to a rapid and decisive form.
- Gema Espartero Gómez -
Marketing Manager at Bebe Innova
We are an international online marketing agency, and it is the perfect tool to do contests, if in addition you put your imagination, it is unbeatable. We have been using it for more than 2 years, it is very easy to use.
- Héctor Martínez -
CEO at Mediterranea Services
It is the most complete APP that we have found for managing promotions on social networks. It covers all our needs from long sweepstakes promotions to lottery.
- Guillermo Tatay García -
Listenic Cofounder. Online Strategy Manager
In WE ARE knitters, we are now using Easypromos for 3 years, both in Spain and in other markets . It has been a tool that has helped us organize contests in a simple and practical way through Facebook. Easypromos has allowed us to increase the number of competitions held since we do not have to worry about technical aspects and anyone can organize a competition team easily and quickly.
- Ignacio Marín Rey-Stolle -
Marketing and Business Development at WeAreKnitters
With my time developing plans of social media and digital strategies for The Plan Company, this tool has convinced me of its effectiveness: Easypromos, in fact, I do not consider them as a supplier but a partner who understands the needs of my customers, proposing solutions when needed and that makes the difference in efficiency in developing solutions. Its constant adaptation to the behaviors and user trends and quick update whenever any social network changes its algorithm, has allowed us to structure our digital marketing strategies much more effectively, helping our agency to get the greatest benefits professional management of corporate social networks, and allowing our customers to offer better results. They have an exceptional team of professionals who make me feel at home, and are always available to me with a clear focus on results. Have a great capacity to generate new ideas and strategies, so from The Plan Company and in my own name, highly recommend them.
- Pedro Rojas -
Digital Strategic and 2.0 Human resources Write and MBA professor. The Plan Company
It was the first time we used the application for a hashtag contest without registration as we were looking mainly for simplicity to maximize participation. It was a combined action between " off" and "on" and the results were excellent
- Rafael Vara Carrascal -
Founder at Cooking Marketing
My experience with Easypromos started back to 2013, since then I have seen the platform evolved by incorporating new options that they have made which are even more useful. It has a discrete and intuitive interface, many configuration options and the choice between many formats for promotions . The company blog is really inspiring , you will find many ideas for your promotions on social networks.
- Felipe Ortega Padilla -
Freelance Social Media Manager / Community Manager
What I like about Easypromos is its constant renewal. They work every day to continuously improve customer satisfaction and adapt quickly to changes in Facebook and all networks which they work with. In addition, they increasingly incorporate new features without increasing the cost of applications. They work really well and reply immediately if you have any questions, not staying in the tutorial but simply recommending the best options to get the best results.
- Alexandra Dalmau -
Accounts Manager at Artelier Comunicación
The contests used to be a nightmare for a community manager. Easypromos team knew that problem well thanks to multiple types of apps contests, they have made our life so muuuuuuch easier. Whether your goal is engagement, capture leads, generating direct sales or viralization, always they have an app for you. The value is simply brutal, to have them mounted and app that can be customized with your creative and your text is very easy and quick to assemble your contest. The customer support is super fast and effective and their team recommends the most effective solution according to your goal. Once you do pop, no longer stop. If big brands use Easypromos, it is because they are too big!
- Cristina Vila Umbert -
Digital Marketing Consultant and Executor. Freelancer

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