14 Basic Steps to Disseminate and Highlight a Campaign on Your Facebook Page

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Have you created a contest or sweepstakes and do you want to disseminate it on Facebook? In this post we explain all the steps that you should follow in order to publish a campaign correctly on your Facebook Page and communicate it to your followers with optimum effectiveness. We will also give you some tips and suggestions for obtaining maximum visibility for your campaigns to help you reach as many users as possible.

Follow these steps to disseminate and communicate your campaigns on Facebook:


1. Publish a post about the campaign on the Page Timeline

The first step is to inform your followers and users that the campaign has begun. To do this, create a post on the Timeline of your Facebook Page, announcing the start of the promotion. Write a short text encouraging users to participate, and don’t forget to include the mobile-compatible direct link to the campaign. Make the publication more attractive by accompanying it with a promotional image of the campaign. This will undoubtedly help awaken the interest of your followers.

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2. Pin the post about the promotion to the top of the Page

Pin the publication to the top your Page to keep it in a visible area for the maximum number of users. To do this, once the post has been published on the Timeline, hover over the post and click on the menu that appears in the upper right corner and select the option ‘Pin to Top’:

Pin a Facebook post to top of the page


3. Use Facebook Ads to achieve more visibility to the promotion

Due to the low organic reach that posts from Facebook pages normally achieve, one of the most effective ways to improve the visibility of the promotion is using the advertising option that Facebook offers. This lets you create an ad to promote the contest and generate traffic to the promotion.

To do this, you should access the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote the contest.

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4. Take advantage of Facebook’s ‘Call-to-action’ button to attract more users

All Facebook business pages can activate a call-to-action button, with the aim of encouraging followers of the Page to carry out an action, such as buying a product or registering on the website, etc.

So if you are organizing a promotion or contest, you can take advantage of the potential of the ‘call-to-action’ button and convert it into a new channel for attracting more users to your promotion and obtaining more participants. You just need to enable the button and link it to the main link of the promotion. In this way you will be enabling a new doorway to the promotion. In the Facebook mobile app the call-to-action button is displayed in a clear and intuitive way:

Call-to-action button for Facebook pages


5. Install the application in your Facebook Page

If your Facebook page has more than 2,000 fans, you can install the promotion in a tab on your page. This will give followers of your Page (connecting from desktop or laptop) a direct access to your promotion. Once installed, the application will be accessible from the menu in the left side of the page. Take into account that this feature is not available for smaller fan communities and, neither is it enabled for smartphones and other mobile devices.

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6. Customize the application tab

To gain a higher level of visibility and to adapt the tab to the theme of your campaign, the next step is to customize it. This will help users find the promotion easily. You will be able to customize the Name of the application/tab. This is the name that will identify the application. You can change the name of the application at any time in order to adapt it to the type of promotion you wish to carry out.

Learn how to configure the contents of your applications.


7. Highlight the application within your Page

The design of Facebook Pages enables you to decide in which form you want to display and position the applications within the Page. Take advantage of this to give the application greater visibility so that users who enter your Facebook Page can locate it easily.

To do this, once the application is installed we suggest to arrange the apps to highlight the promotion. Learn how to arrange the app on the side menus.


8. Customize the cover image of your Facebook Page

During the entire time that the promotion lasts, design and display your Facebook Page with images related to the theme of the contest. For example, you can take advantage of the opportunity to present a new cover image, in which you can include a reference to the contest you have underway. This is the image that users will first see when they reach your Page, meaning that they will find out immediately about your new promotion.


9. Use Facebook Stories to announce the contest or sweepstakes on your page

Make the most of Facebook Stories to disseminate an image or a video about your contest and announce that you have this promotion active to encourage users to visit your page. It’s a good way to attract new users from Facebook to your page and convert them into followers if they like your content.


10. Create a links campaign to measure traffic sources

Once you have the main link to the promotion, you can create a personalized links campaign to measure where promotion participants come from. This will enable you to see whether a participant has reached the promotion via the post on your Timeline, via Twitter, via a newsletter, or via a Facebook Ads campaign.

To do this, you can define the utm_source, utm_medium y utm_campaign parameters in order to differentiate the sources of traffic and find out where users come from.

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11. Use online services to create short URLs for sharing the promotion

By using URL shorteners (like «bit.ly») you can provide links which are much friendlier (thanks to them being much shorter) and easier for users to copy and write, as well as sharing on social media networks such as Twitter.

These types of tools also offer statistics of the clicks that have been made on each link. This means that you can expand the analysis of the impact of the publication and dissemination of the promotion.


12. Pay attention to the content

One of the most important parts of the promotion is the message that you transmit to your followers by way of the main image, title and description of the campaign. With the aim of encouraging your followers to participate, we suggest you keep in mind the following points:

  • Main image: Design an attractive image which shows what the promotion is about. It should have little text. With this tool you will be able to calculate that the image does not exceed the maximum of 20% of text per image permitted by Facebook.
  • Title: Think of a short title which includes a call to action as well as a mention of the prize that can be won. It is also a good idea to indicate the type of promotion (sweepstakes, photo contest, quiz, etc.).
  • Description: Clearly describe what the promotion consists of and what users should do to participate. Include the key dates of the promotion and mention the prize to be won again.


13. Publish the promotion on various occasions during the course of the campaign

Once you have shared the campaign on your Timeline, we suggest that, for as long as the campaign lasts, you publish and share the promotion on the Timeline with new posts. You can take advantage of each new post to inform users of the prizes for that day, or of how much time they have left to participate. With this repeated follow up you will be encouraging followers that are already participating in your contest as well as attracting new contestants.

Tip: For each post you can create a customized links campaign which will allow you to measure the impact of each post separately.


14. Be consistent on the Timeline if the promotion uses the country filter

If you are going to restrict the campaign to one or more specific countries so that only users from that country can take part, it’s important to use the same filter when publishing a promotion on the Timeline. This will ensure that users from other countries don’t see the link.



And also…

Design a strategy for communicating and disseminating the promotion. The majority of successful promotions, sweepstakes and contests on Facebook have employed a carefully planned promotion or dissemination strategy. Once you have informed your followers about the promotion it’s important to plan a strategy that enables the promotion to reach the largest number of users possible: via Newsletter, via dissemination across social networks, by taking advantage of traffic to your website to expand reach, by complimenting the dissemination with offline media, etc.

We suggest that you read this post in which we recommend 20 actions for disseminating the promotion to ensure that it reaches the maximum number of users. But remember, the very first action should be publicizing your promotion to your fans.


Marian Jubany

Customer care Easypromos’ team