11 ideas to share promotions on Facebook and grow your business

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Use these 11 essential ways to share promotions on Facebook. Learn how to reach more people, increase conversions, and grow your business with a Facebook Business page and carefully targeted Facebook Ads.

Follow these steps to share promotions on Facebook and get more reach for your marketing campaigns…

1. Publish a post on your Facebook Business page

The first step is to inform your followers that the promotion has begun. Create a post on the Timeline of your Facebook Page and announce the start of the campaign.

Encourage users to participate, and include a mobile-friendly link to the campaign. Add glossy images of the prize or offer to wake up people’s interest.

Learn how to get a direct link to share your Easypromos campaign.

2. Pin posts about the promotion to the top of your Page

Pin the post to the top of your Page so that it stays visible throughout the promotion.

As soon as you publish a post, hover over it and click on the menu that appears in the top right-hand corner. Select the option ‘Pin to top of page’:

How to pin a Facebook post to top of your page

3. Use Facebook Ads to reach more people

These days, organic posts from Facebook Business pages normally have low reach. So if you want all your followers to see the post, or you want to reach new audiences? You’ll need to share Facebook promotions with Ads.

Use the Facebook Ads manager to promote the post you’ve already published. Alternatively, you can create dark posts. These ads don’t appear on your main page, but they’ll still be shown to targeted audiences.

4. Take advantage of Facebook’s ‘Call-to-action’ button to attract more users

If you have a Facebook Business page, then you can set up call-to-action buttons. These make it easy for followers to convert in a specific way, such as buying a product or signing up for your mailing list.

So when you share promotions on Facebook, you can use the call-to-action button as a new channel to attract users and get more participants. You just need to enable the button with the main link to your promotion.

When people visit your page via the Facebook mobile app, the call-to-action button is nice and obvious:

Example of a call-to-action button for a Facebook Business page

5. Customize the cover image of your Facebook Page

For as long as the promotion lasts, you should theme your whole Facebook Page around the contest.

For example, you could update your page with a new cover image, and include a reference to current promotions. The cover image is the first thing that users see when they reach your Page, so they’ll be introduced to your promotions right away.

lastminute.com themed Facebook cover image and posts

6. Use Facebook Stories to announce contests, giveaways and promotions on your page

Make the most of Facebook Stories to share images and videos. Keep your promotions top-of-mind and encourage people to visit your Page!

Stories are also a good way to attract new users to your page with valuable, follow-worthy content.

7. Set up UTMs to measure traffic sources to your promotions

Once you have a direct link to the promotion, you can create a personalized link campaign to measure where participants come from. So you can check whether a participant finds the promotion via an organic post, Facebook Ads, or other online channels.

Setting up UTMs is easier than you think – you just need to define smoe parameters and add a short piece of text to the end of the link.

Learn how to create a customized link campaign with Easypromos.

8. Share promotions on Facebook with shortened links

Use URL shorteners (like «bit.ly») to share user-friendly links. A short string of letters is much easier to fit into a social media post, or copy and paste on a mobile screen.

Most link-shortening tools also offer statistics about clicks on each link. This gives you extra feedback about how to share promotions more effectively.

9. Pay attention to the content

The main image, title and description of your promotions will have a powerful effect on how people respond. To get more participants, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Main image. Design an attractive image which shows what the promotion is about. It should have little text. Use this tool to check that the text:image ratio is compatible with Facebook Ads.
  • Title. Think of a short title which includes a call to action and explains the prize. It’s also a good idea to mention the type of promotion – for example, “Comment to Enter our Gift Card Prize Draw” is a short, simple title that covers all the bases.
  • Description: Explain the rules of the promotion and how people can join in. Include the start and end dates of the promotion, and a link to terms and conditions.

10. Re-publish the promotion on your social media pages

As long as the campaign lasts, you can re-publish and share promotions on Facebook with fresh posts, Stories and Ads. Update followers with more details about the prize, or share a daily countdown to when the promotion closes.

11. Watch out for location restrictions

If you plan to restrict the campaign to certain countries, it’s important to use the location filter when you share promotions on Facebook. So long as users from other countries can’t see the promotion, you won’t have to worry about invalid participation.

Key tips for Facebook promotional campaigns

The most successful Facebook promotional campaigns are built on a smart communication strategy. Use every channel available to tell your followers and customers about the campaign – including sharing promotions on Facebook.

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Marian Jubany

Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-03-23